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age 14+

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age 15+

A disappointing movie

It is disappointing and embarrassing. The movie was not a good movie since it didn't have a great story
age 14+
age 2+


It was Okay.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much swearing
age 11+

Great Harrison Ford Movie

This is the kind of movie that should keep being made. It leaves out all of the unneed nudity and has just enough violence, instead of most other movies where it includes too much violence and overly exaggerates the blood. Harrison Ford is a great role model, because he goes to amazing lengths to protect his family which is a trait that i think all good fathers should have. It also doesn't have too much language which is something that my parents care about, when they choose to let me watch a movie or not. they think that i care about language, but i hear it every day so language doesnt bother me like it does to most other kids that are around my age. i think that this is a great movie for teens and tweens to watch to learn how much that their father cares for them, even though sometimes he doesn't show it.

This title has:

Great messages
Great role models
age 12+

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much swearing
age 7+

ok movie

this film made me jump when there was a dead guy in the car but still a cool movie.
not rated for age


This movie is awesome!! It's not for kids under 12 though, scenes get violent and a little scary at times and there is some profanity throughout the movie including the F-word. However this movie has a great plot and is very intresting, I enjoyed it a lot and recomend it for kids of the right age.
not rated for age

It gets an A

great movie. A little violent but I say good for kids 11 and up
not rated for age

Fun Action Movie

This is a fun, yet average action movie. The lauguage isn't too bad, but the violence is definately an issue. Some people may be disturbed by the fact that a young boy and a teenage girl are in danger, and a boy suffers an allergic reaction. There is no sex or drinking, but people still may want to think twice about if their kids are eaisly phased by nonstop violence.
not rated for age


the ending was horrible and the last 15 minuets of it was the only stuff with the action. not what i thought it was going to be