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RIP Shan Yu

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age 18+

Explicit humor of nude and smoking

too much of explicit humor. what do they make these days? i saw this and i was expecting on the anime, of course, but it had too much human-interaction then anime would!
age 16+

Talented artists, disgusting content

Honestly, I am extremely disappointed with this movie and I am disgusted that it’s rated TV-PG... it’s rating should be at least TV-14, however if I had a kid I sure as hay would not be letting them watch this. There are multiple dirty jokes. The boys joke about their teacher and basically talk about her as if she’s some sort of object. One boy makes a joke about semen after seeing a girl in a bathing suit. I didn’t continue to watch after about 15 minutes in as soon as I heard the kid curse. I know kids in this world are exposed to many things at a young age but this is no excuse to encourage kids to watch such filth. However, the art is beautiful so there’s one thing whoever made this movie did right. Honestly I just wish that people who want to make content for adults would stay in their lane and stop polluting the world with content aimed at kids that should not be - they see enough junk on social media. If you’re going to go and spend money and time on great art, might as well have a positive message for kids that’s not polluted with adult content. If you’re reading this I recommend you check out “A Silent Voice,” instead and I hope you have a good day - sorry for my whining but I’m sick of this irresponsibility in the kids movies industry internationally.

This title has:

Too much sex
Too much swearing
age 11+

My daughter’s favorite anime movie, there is sex and language.

My daughter loves anime and watches it nonstop, so she really loved this movie! However, I need other parents to know that this movie contains words like, “pissed off” and “damn”, plus we saw a scene where a female character wears an incredibly short skirt, and mentions of boobs, so I think only 11 year olds and up should watch this. Thanks!

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Great messages
Great role models
Too much sex
Too much swearing