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Teen, 15 years old Written byBreaden Hoffmaster December 4, 2015

"Is this your sword?" -Lancelot

Up there with "Jack and The Giant Slayer." First Knight is a great take on the King Arthur legend, and it's full of awesome battles, adventure, and laughs. Rated PG-13 for "Some brutal medieval battles", it is just that. Although it's child play compared to "Braveheart" and "Troy" it's not Lord of The Rings. After a long duel, Lancelot fells an evil knight with a sword cut across the throat, and the camera shows the blade pass by, followed by a squirt of blood. Besides that, there are countless scenes of medieval battles, but decapitations and limbs stay put, but needless to say, expect bloody swords and spears, and a fair share of impaling, arrows to the chest, etc. Arthur is a devout Christian and prays aloud before councils with the Knights of The Round Table, and shows good character and cares for his kingdom and it's people. Guinevere and Lancelot are caught kissing in her royal chamber by Arthur after about 2 minutes of kissing, and then they have a heated argument, but that as bad as sex gets. So, if you're looking for a great action flick with positive messages and plenty of action, is is it!
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