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Flash Gordon (1980)

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I put the age range for 10 and up because yeah this movie can get quite violent with its whipping scenes but it shouldn't be too bad for kids to watch this movie is literally my childhood I'm 18 now and i watched this on a re release with my dad in theatres and this is such an underrated movie it really doesn't get the credit it deserves which it should because this is the best movie ever made its fucking amazing i recently showed this to my girlfriend we went to a screening of Flash Gordon at a private screening of course and she loved it and she was singing along to queens flash theme so was i too i also don't know if the eroticism of princess aura would have a caution for adults for their kids seeing well Ornella muti act seductive throughout the entire movie it shouldn't be a concern but she is a very seductive woman and Ornella muti is hot as fuck in this even in real life as a 68 year old in 2023

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Great role models
Too much violence
Too much sex
age 12+

i love this movie :)

i grew up with movies like this... I think its a good movie :) some things are a bit innappropriate but its nothing to bad... if anything the movie is really cheesy :) but hey in 1980 it was cool :) (lol i wasnt born til 93!)and who could for get the theme song from it! Flash AHHH AHHH Savior of the universe!!! :)( gotta love Queen!)

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Too much sex
age 18+

Innuendo Ridden 80s film

It's one of those movies where most of the stuff will go over kids' heads, but any adults in the room (or anyone who picks up on innuendos) should be uncomfortable with. A lot of very revealing attire (bust-revealing dresses for most women and a pair of leather briefs for Flash). I wouldn't recommend this film- for anyone.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking