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Adult Written bycsmparentacct February 19, 2021

Warning for families dealing with divorce

Spoiler alert -- in this movie, the parents start off separated, but in the end get back together. Maybe not the movie to watch if your family is dealing with a divorce that will stay that way.
Adult Written byasahikunx February 23, 2021
well, remember what flora says in the film, "every hero has its purpose." ulysses had one, he's a kind of superhero who's not for saving the world, he only has a purpose. Which is obviously, he made flora's family complete again, and even had a bonus for william, i think he somehow helped him with his temporary blindness through their adventure :)) and after he sees that everything seems fine, he lets the family to set him free, because he already finished his purpose.
Adult Written byD.morales88 February 21, 2021

Family oriented

Perfect for families!

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byDarkseid February 21, 2021

Tale of animal with a tail to tell tale...superheros

Hello, spoiler warning. This movie is obviously sponsored by Marvel, however its themes are universal. We needed to explain to our kids sometimes people get married and we are lucky if we get to stay together. This talk was easily done as the movie parent's separation was done with good feelings and warmth, no negativity. Love the story and parents learning again magic is in the air and all around. We see children are miracles.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Parent of a 5-year-old Written byJames R. February 20, 2021

Lazy thoughtless screenwriting

Why is half of this movie about sad parents finding their mojo again? The half with the girl and the squirrel has its cute moments but is full of times you should probably stop the movie to discuss it with any child under 7, starting with: “don’t pick up an injured animal” “don’t bring an injured animal into your home without telling your parents” “the movie wants us to understand that the blind boy isn’t ‘really’ blind (because it’s a psychological condition) which is why the movie thinks it’s funny when he bumps into things and makes people uncomfortable” “it’s not okay to punch someone in the face because you’re upset with them” and on and on and on. It’s hard to believe this movie got made in this decade.
Adult Written byPalomo0220 February 20, 2021

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Adult Written byrhiennam February 20, 2021

Good Family movie

There is some humor that is over the kids heads, but that is what appealed to me. The kids laughed so much watching this movie. Super cute!
Parent Written byJenny E. February 20, 2021

Great Family Movie

Very cute movie with great characters and positive messages. There are several silly chase scenes that may not be for younger viewers (cat attack and animal control chasing and tranquilizer darts at Flora’s dad). The mom is a romance novelist with covers of her books decorating the home but they never really explain her books. Flora just says her mom writes about superhero’s but she’s not old enough to know what those superheroes do. My son didn’t question that part of the movie, but questions could come up. The mom’s job is tied into the story but honestly Disney could have just said she wrote stories about love. The romance novelist angle was clearly targeting adults for laughs. Younger views may also get upset when Ulysses is captured and animal control says he will be euthanized to test his brain tissue for rabies. This part upset my 9 year old, but I reassured him that Ulysses would escape (which happens). The overall message in the movie was very good...”don’t hope but observe” and you will see how wonderful the world really is which erases cynicism. There were other positive messages throughout the movie about love, family, and adventures.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models
Adult Written byDRJackson February 20, 2021

Cute squirrel, terrible script

Disclaimer: haven't read the book.

My 5-year-old kid loved the squirrel, and the sense of peril was enough tension to keep her interested all the way to the end.

Danny Pudi is in fine form, but this is one of those cases where a great character actor has no hope of saving a mediocre movie. The other actors were OK, but the script and direction didn't give them much to work with.

The character decisions, the dialog, and the overall plot are terrible.

The family tension is "real" enough to be interesting, but the way the dad character flip-flops on his commitments to his family, then his work in retail, is a shallow trope. Not saying the decisions are unbelievable, just that this character doesn't show or tell us anything to explain his decisions.

If you care about role models and moral themes, the dad in this movie basically lies at every opportunity. It's usually a well-meaning lie, but there are no consequences. Flora is also rarely able to tell the truth to either of her parents.

The thing with the blind neighbor is... Well, I don't want to spoil it, but the twists are anticlimactic and don't do as much for representation or empathy as Disney may have hoped.

The main character, Flora, is precocious in a good way. Not a role model, but her innocent take on cynicism not as despicable as some of the most notorious cynical kids in the hollywood pantheon.

Some lines seem like obvious mistakes, other lines seem like they were written with a specific tone in mind but delivered by an actor who didn't understand.

I understand that the main antagonist is supposed to be 100% despicable, but the movie goes out of its way to explain his attitude as a phobia, then pulls no punches when punishing him for pursuing the squirrel. The attempt at adding sympathetic depth to the character and then treating him like a one-dimensional villain is kind of unsettling.

Having the family break into an animal control building and set a bunch of animals loose seems kind of a risky move. There's also a punch that seems a little bit undeserved; maybe we're supposed to let it go because it's delivered by Alison Hannigan?

The thing that's really missing from this movie is a sense of scale and proportion. A super-powered squirrel needs super-problems. This squirrel's problems are the same as any squirrel's: where to get food, how to avoid reprisal from homeowners and animal control officers when he chooses the wrong source of food. I guess that's in proportion to the origin story component of this formula, but the way the squirrel is able to fly or use super strength at exactly the right moment (as part of contrived sequences of events that the "good" humans are 100% responsible for) is just silly.

If you're just looking for a silly story about writers who can't write and squirrels with superpowers where all the problems are tied up with a neat (if totally unrealistic) bow, maybe you'll appreciate the effort that went into this movie.

I'm interested to see what director Khan does in her first team-up with Danny Pudi in "Tiger Hunter," where she may have had more control of the story. After _Flora & Ulysses_, though, my hopes are not high.
Parent of a 7-year-old Written byEpittoni February 19, 2021
Adult Written byUlysses123 February 19, 2021

Great movie for kiddos and parents

This movie is great! So cute. Our 6 year old laughed a lot, and we did too. It has positive messages about hope. The only part I kind of cringed in was the tranquilizer gun part because the gun was scary looking, but other than that, it was adorable. I didn’t know it was for 8 and up, but our 6 year old was fine watching it.

This title contains:

Positive Messages
Positive role models