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Fly Me to the Moon

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Trashy space movie shouldn't be occupying your time

The film was a rather disappointing film because usually films about space are really entertaining however this film falls in the manure and tries to look good Not a good movie Not worth your time There are plenty of other good animated space movies

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Too much sex
age 2+

I think Houston's real problem is this movie

This movie is probably the worst movie I've ever seen in my entire life. The storyline was mentally challenged; who cares about flies going into space? The dialog was terrible. I've seen a lot of bad kid movies but this is the worst ever. I would also expect much better animation from a film made in 2008. The animation was worse than something you might see from the 90's. Kids might like it, though. Sure, let your kid watch it. But forbid it to kids over the age of 9.
age 5+

Go watch it!

A great film you shouldn't miss out on!

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Great messages
Great role models