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Heart touching

“For Sama”, touched me and motivated me in various ways. It made me realize that what we are going through now, the corona virus is nothing in contrast with what these people are going through. Her documentary is deeply powerful as it is a rare first-hand account of the war in Syria from a strictly female perspective. Her words and actions are heart felt and beautiful. It is immediately a dynamic universal, this brutally honest documentary is painful and heart-breaking but important to watch account of life during these dreadful times in war. These people’s determination for life and love when death is raining down on them is the essence of human spirit. In addition, it made me feel stronger and vigorous since it shows us how brave women can be and what they can do. It is truly an eye-opener and makes us aware of what is happening in the countries next to us. The fact that this woman decided to film these frightful scenes during the war shacked me and made a great impression on me. This woman is brave enough to go through such a life-threatening situation to film this FOR SAMA. She has the courage to keep on filming while having a young family at home. It’s a poignant movie of close-ups of appalling things, through a person who isn’t a ghoul, but a mother making sacrifices for her daughter and country. I believe that this documentary the BAFTA award and deserves even more. This documentary introduces us to upheaval that is going on in Syria. It “wakes us up” and makes us realize what the real problems are in life. This woman is so courageous and fearless that with even having a young child she stills takes the risk to film what is going on. She inspires peoples with her generous actions but also galvanizes people into taking actions against the war. In addition, she is the definition of bravery while through the documentary the messages of love and resistance are passed to us. The whole documentary and the article “For Sama” were very interesting but what I found more fascinating was the fact that this woman stayed in Aleppo just to film the bombing and in general the horrible time they were going through. This woman could have easily left her country for a brighter future, but she preferred to stay there even if it was extremely menacing. This indicates how brave and patient she is. This article teaches me many lessons. Firstly, it taught me to appreciate what I have. This woman and her daughter appreciated what they had even if they didn’t have much. Moreover, it made me think that I am very lucky that I’m not going threw a war. Additionally, threw the article and documentary the messages of resistance and love are passed to me. I’ve learned that caring is love and love fights. Love wouldn’t look for the path of resistance.

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Great messages
Great role models
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Violent but Positive Messages

This Documentary film is a way to see into the Syria conflict. While very violent and depicts dead body's and bloodied people it is able to show us positive role models in which they show us there life in a war zone and how they are able to save lives. With of violence I think is god at a minimum of age 13 and up.

This title has:

Great messages
Great role models