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Forever Young

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age 2+

Rubbish film

A typical american rubbish film neither for kids or adults. It has been taken from E.T. but E.T. was much better. The last scene when a kid operates a plane was the last straw. Don' bother.
age 18+


Cel mai bun film
age 18+
age 18+
age 10+

Kids under 10 should watch it with a parent

This movie has some content that would be unsuitable for younger children without supervision.
age 10+

Highly underrated!

This film never fails to amaze me! It is such a treat. I first watched this when I was 10 and it become a favorite after that, I'd always recommend it to friends. It's a beautiful romantic story mixed with fantasy, set in the year 1939 about a pilot named Daniel who is madly in love with a sweet woman he has known since childhood. After almost proposing to her, she gets hit by a car and falls into a coma but never recovers. This shatters Daniels life and he soon becomes extremely depressed. His Best friend Harry invents a machine that can keep a person frozen for years and Daniel asks to be his first experiment, so that he doesn't have to be around to see the love of his life die. Harry agrees and Daniel is put into the capsule, but sadly abandoned until 1990 (51 years later!) because his best friend had died and the project was forgotten. So 51 years later two boys accidentally stumble upon frozen Daniel, open the capsule and then run for their lives. Daniel gets out for the first time and discovers a whole new life, only to later learn that Helen, his sweetheart, is still alive! Great little movie for anyone who enjoys a suspenseful, mysterious, romantic drama! There is some violence (fist fight scene, violence toward a woman but she gets saved fast, falling off a roof), a drunk character for a few minutes on screen, lots of smoking in the beginning. Innocent kissing in two scenes, a woman in her bra for about 5 seconds, a 10 year old talks about liking a girl and flirts with her. Language is pretty tame. It's very sad sometimes so be aware. This is a must see film for kids 10+ and adults!!!

This title has:

Great messages
Great role models
Too much violence
age 12+

More violence and swearing than the review indicates.

The Common Sense review is misleading. There was a fair amount of swearing and a scary scene of domestic abuse.
age 2+

ending not entirely clear

Did the scientist marry Helen? When did Helen wake up? It seems that he left Dan in the capsule and courted Helen.