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Foul Play

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age 11+

Loved this as a kid

I saw this movie when I first saw it, around age 10, and LOVED it. There is a romantic scene (w/kissing) that some kids may not enjoy but any violence is bloodless and pretty tame by today's standards. It's gripping/thrilling for middle schoolers without being too scary.
age 15+

Uneven, yet amusing. Older teens and up.

I found "Foul Play" to be an overall good film. It features an interesting murder mystery, and I liked Goldie Hawn in this film. Although, I thought the film had too many awkward attempts at humor to really be something more, not to mention the romance feels rushed and forced. Nevertheless, it is still entertaining. The one scene I would advise parents to be careful with is an attempted seduction scene where a man tries to impress a woman with all the sexual objects and suggestive figures he has in his apartment (it was the most awkward scene for me in the film). There is some kissing, and one other scene where a couple wakes up in bed (though no nudity). There is occasional violence (some nongraphic shootings with little to no blood, a man falling out a window, and some fisticuffs) and foul language (language is at most PG-13 by today's standards, but there's one comical scene involving the f-word on a scrabble board). I don't think the movie's great, but I think it's worth watching. Just only with mature and older teens because of the inappropriate material present. 7.0/10

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