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very good acting by Halle Berry.

FRANKIE & ALICE is a moving psychological drama based on the harrowing true story of Frankie Murdoch (Halle Berry), a woman suffering with multiple personality disorder in early 1970s Los Angeles. Directed by Geoffrey Sax, and shot by by Newton Thomas Sigel (Valkyrie, X-Men, Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind, The Usual Suspects), the film also stars Stellan Skarsgård (upcoming The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo), Phylicia Rashad (For Colored Girls) and Chandra Wilson ("Grey's Anatomy"). well i was unaware of this movie untill i saw it on a movie website, in the best actress nominee prediction section, and i was like wow Halle Berry. then i saw its trailer and after that there came a shocking thing, it got nominated for Golden Globe in the same category and than got no nomination in the Academy Awards. when i saw this movie, i knew why it didn't. well this movie is kind of a thriller drama or should i say psychological thriller drama. Berry plays a woman with Multiple personality disorder. the movie has this interesting story but the movie itself isn't that great as Berry's performance. movie is not that bad or below average, its just average. this movie recieved very bad reviews from critics. why so harsh? i know it isn't excellent movie but still critics sometimes crosses line too much. Direction of this movie is not much strong, need to work hard. i don't know but i think he was confused about this movie, seemed like that. screenplay was ok, not bad. but very spaced and sometime very thin whihc creates some problems. cinematography is fine, art direction is fine. costumes are nice, since its period and Berry is shown as a bar dancer. but too much of short clothes of course. editing is kind of below average. plot is ok, but its not that interesting and lacks thrill or fun. story is nice but very much predictable and towards the middle it gets very much of an end, so the movie literally ends before the actuall end. the flashbacks and past are shown in a good way but the connection of those with today really felt somewhat not much connected to me. i'll first talk about the supporting cast sine alot is to be said about Berry. Stellan Skarsgård is there and he is the psychologist of Berry tring to go deep into her past and get information from her Multiple Personalities, he is ok in his role just not great. but this part looks good on him. Phylicia Rashad stars as her mother, not much shown but she acts good in that limited time. i am certainly not sure about my Grey's Anatomy sweetheart actress Chandra Wilson, is she her sister or Aunt but she is again shown the least but good. coming on to Halle Berry, she reminded me somewhat of her part in Gothica, minus the multiple personalites. but this part she did very naturaly. her performance of the two persoanlities, the child and mature lady are outstanding, brilliant. she all in all did excellent. some places she seemed kind of over done little bit. she is convincing and makes you feel very pitty for her. i simply don't think of anyone else playing this part good as she did. hats off. i don't know whether or not i should recommend it to you since i am not that much sure about that but if you wanna watch this movie, do it for Berry. this movie which seems like a thriller isn't really one, it doesn't have enough drama except one or two scenes where i really got wet eyes, it has psychological stuff and the past flashbacks but these are not really connected with each other so as i said earlier i am not that sure and that directior of this movie might be confused. its not a good movie just average but for the attempt and Berry's performance and somewhat a bit i am over rating it i'll go for 3 stars.

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