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Mother-daughter switch is fun comedic chaos.
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Parent of a 13 year old Written byTsion June 7, 2009

Fun, Funny, and Sometimes Genuinely Touching...

FREAKY FRIDAY is a studio's nightmare. The sucess of the movie rides completely on the strength of the two main performances. The script and direction mean nothing if those two actors aren't cast perfectly. Lucky for us, they were. Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsey Lohan are perfect in this movie, believable and very funny. Also, there's little objectionable material. There is no language, only some crude terms like "sucks" and one use of "h*ll" ("makeover from h*ll"). There are some mild, harmless innuendos that will go over kids' heads, like when Mark Harmon's character causes Curtis to trip over a couch, and her dad says "save it for the honeymoon". No violence, drugs, or negative role models. Quite the contrary, actually. While both mother and daughter act immaturely to begin with, they each act out of love towards the end.
Adult Written bychristian-witness June 29, 2012


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Adult Written byEllen Raff April 9, 2008

Proves good movies for parents/kids are possible!

Thanks to help from CSM rating, I dared to take my 7 year old boy. He had no problem following the identity switch and was delighted with the ensuing action. I had many a good laugh and so did all age groups seated around us. Everyone should see this, but especially moms and daughters. How can I express my gratitude for a clever and entertaining movie I can actually enjoy with my kid and recommend to others without hesitation? Kudos to the makers of this film-- we want more like it! I agree with the PG rating for language, but it is mild and no worse than the (uncalled for!) potty humor in Finding Nemo.
Parent of a 9 year old Written byrobinpeggy April 9, 2008

Great for the whole family

My five-year-old daughter and ten-year-old son both loved this, as did I. I still do, many dvd viewings later.
Adult Written byCommonSenseChristian February 5, 2013

Too Freaky to be a Friday Family Film

The premise of Freaky Friday is overwhelmingly positive. Mom and daughter, having significant problems understanding each other, switch roles and bond through the experience. Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis put their own interesting twists on this modernized version of the story, with Mom as a high-powered psychologist and daughter Anna as a wannabe rocker with a crush on a guy Mom feels ambivalent about, mostly because he rides a motorcycle. The bonding and lessons do occur, quite realistically, and that's gratifying. However, this movie does have quite a few caveats. Anna and her mother's disrespect for each other is, at the least, grating. Anna and her crush, Jake (in Mom's body) discuss controversial bands like The Hives, and Jake develops a rather disturbing crush on Mom/Anna. Anna dresses provocatively, and makes a crack about Bible-sellers (readers?) Yoga and voodoo are invoked, which might make the film a no-go for some families, especially those of the Judeo-Christian persuasion. Anna, in Tess' body, sets off a mosh pit, and signs an enamored fan's behind. In all honesty, this film has too many "freaky" parts to make it enjoyable for a Friday night.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byM&M1995 July 27, 2014

Pure laughter in family-friendly title.

Jamie-Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan are the stars of this hilarious and fun, yet somewhat predictable flick. Language and sexual content are kept to a low minimum, ensuring a squeaky-clean movie for the kids and the entire family for that matter. However, Tess (portrayed by Jamie-Lee Curtis) has an awkward relationship with a guy much younger than her age (a high school senior), but they only have a brief scene together which might raise some brows. In the film, Lindsay Lohan's character Anna resorts to cheating, lying and other reprehensible actions. Expect tons of wild but funny antics to ensue, as well as some mild, comedic violence and perilous situations. In the end, the power of love is what defines the movie, and both Anna and Tess experience positive and drastic growth and development throughout the film which is much appreciated.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byMovieMan101 April 9, 2008


FREAKY FRIDAY was a great funny movie. I haven't seen a better performance from Jamie Lee Curtis in years. Sex- 4: I know you're probably thinking why did I give a "CAUTION" on sex, but I found there were some sexual references but not anywhere near explicit. Nudity-1: A brief shot of Jamie Lee Curtis in a thong. Violence-0 Drug Use-0 Language-4: Some brief moments of language. Diversity/Racism-2: Over-stereotyped Asian character Scariness- 0 Commercialism- 0 Rude Humor- 0 My Rating: PG for some language/sexual references and thematic elements
Parent of a 11 year old Written by[email protected] June 2, 2011

cool movie!

its movies like this when u wish sometimes u could be ur mom for a day that be so cool! and Freaky Friday is exactly like that hey u might even get closer to ur mom after watching this movie a really good movie for all ages!
Adult Written bybethlthomson April 9, 2008

i laughed

Adult Written byPanya April 9, 2008


I think this is okay for older teens. Anna isn't a good role model for younger kids.
Adult Written byDexterSmith April 9, 2008

Lohan and Curtis provide loads of laughs in cute family comedy

Sexual Content (Not an Issue): Some passionate kissing, mild references to sex. Violence (Not an Issue): Some comic violence. Language (Pause): Three uses of "hell", plus obnoxious schoolyard language ("blows", "sucks", "old fart", etc.) Social Behavior (On): Anna and Tess learn to be selfless. Strong female characters. Commercialism (Not an Issue): The House of Blues. Drug/Alcohol/Tobacco (Pause): Some social drinking.
Adult Written byamollo01 April 9, 2008
Adult Written byJEDI micah November 23, 2012

The funniest chick flick ever!

While I'm not on the chick flick side most of the time, this one is the best! For one thing, it has a little bit of science fiction to it. Secondly, I like Jamie Lee Curtis' acting in this movie! And third, there are plenty of moments that will leave you laughing! It's nice to see a movie where the parent finds out what it's like to be their offspring and the offspring to find out what it's like to be their parent!

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Adult Written byTealady April 9, 2008

Disrespectful teen flick

I must say I did not enjoy this movie or the way the mother and daughter interacted much of the time. Once again, not worth it enough for me to sit through the whole thing.
Adult Written byshindigo April 9, 2008

wonderful movie

This was a great movie. Kids and adults will both love it!
Adult Written byfritzsky April 9, 2008
Adult Written bykensiton April 9, 2008

Laughed so hard...

Went to see this opening afternoon with my 12 year old. We both laughed until we cried and then laughed more. This movie is wonderful! Jamie Lee Curtis is wonderful in the whole movie, she steals the show when she is supposed to be the daughter trapped in mom's body, way funny. Lindsay Lohan shines as the parent in daughter's body, she hits a few snags playing the teen at the beginning and then hits her stride as "mom." What could of been ackward moments in the movie where mom's boyfriend tries to kiss a trapped daughter are handled with comedy and therefore made acceptable to viewers old and young. The reason for saying 8 and up is having to explain certain aspects of the comedy to very young children who may be confused by the body switching. Definitely take the kids for this wild and wonderful remake!
Parent Written byK D September 23, 2017
Adult Written byRina G September 3, 2017

Awesome funny entertaining movie!!

This movie is really entertaining with many catchy songs like " Take me away"and Ultimate " .It has a good message. Although there is a lot of fighting between Anna and her mom in the beginning, they learn to understand each other and get along better when something extraordinary happens. I'm not going to spoil!! There is one questionable scene where Jake likes Ana's mom and wants to kiss her but it is actually Ana. This movie is my favorite movie of all time and is WAY better then the first Freaky Friday . Lindsay Lohan's acting in this movie is great!! If you like this movie be sure to watch the Parent Trap ! Thanks for reading.
Parent of a 3 and 5 year old Written byNicola G. November 4, 2017

No Concerning Themes

I really enjoyed watching this film with my 5yo and 3yo. I felt there was nothing scary, sexual, rude or racist. I suspect this film is rated 8 plus as many under that age would find it boring or above their head. My 3yo wouldn't have understood it but there was nothing scary or rude in it and my 5yo is pretty bright so she got the themes. A good filming about mother-daughter bonding and empathy.

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