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French Exit

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Smart script and surprise ending...a charmer

A touching film that only Pfeiffer can pull off so well. She excels in capturing the spirit of the character and takes everyone on a ride of loneliness with a lot of humor and stoicism. She is made of tough stuff and forges ahead trying to manipulate the world in order to be at peace. Pfeiffer has the chops to deliver solidly on this character offering her dignity, grace, and volatile determination. Smart script, always a pleasure to watch a film where I do not know how it is going to end.
age 16+

So refreshing to see a movie with Acting! and not guessing the ending in the first 5 minutes, real life( a very french style movie) , and not seeing 50 hairy thugs with large guns being blown up in the first 30 seconds of the film!! it took me a little time to work out the ending, !!

This is for America! stop molycodaling your children , encorage them to travel in the world, and see for themselves the good and the bad sides.