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Powerful drama is so much more than a football movie.
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Teen, 14 years old Written byDeclan1700 February 10, 2018
Kid, 9 years old September 20, 2015

It's good as a movie, it's better as a sports movie, but it's dark, and it's brutal.

I never get too excited to see sports movies. They tend to be over-dramatic, they tend to be poorly acted, and I sports is really just a game, it's not something exciting enough to serve as a movie, it'll just be entertaining. And no, football with gladiators will only make it worse. But this doesn't go for all sports movies. This is the second very good one that I have see. The Blind Side is another very good one, and it serves as more than a sports movie, the directors know very well it cannot be done with sports alone, you have to look in to the peoples' lives, or else it'll most likely fall flat. And I am happy to say that Friday Night Lights does it successfully as well. Firstly, it's a bit traditional and not too memorable as a sports movie, but besides that, it does relatively well. It succeeds at making the lives of the people look difficult, they are at the hands of injury, and even beatings (Spoilers!:) from the unsympathetic coach. It's hard to watch with such a dark tone, and all the characters have a very large amount of personality. It looks awful for them at certain times, and there's plenty of drama, but it's very, very well placed. But they are physically and mentally tortured throughout the movie, which makes it all the more affecting. This probably isn't too much of a movie for the youngest, it disturbs you more than the average movie, but I wasn't too bothered by the end. Characters almost have sex, and there's a lot of sports and non-sports violence. A bit of swearing. It'll only bother you while you're watching, but it's impossible not to notice. It's a really fun, exciting, dark movie, expect much more than you're average sports flick, it exceeds it by quite a lot. While it does, I would also like to explain one more thing. In the movie, (Spoilers!:) part of what makes it dark is how unsympathetic the coach is. It adds a lot of depth and character to the movie, and makes how dark it is all the more affecting, which I have noted before. The acting as well, isn't too memorable, but it's also without any notable flaws, which will greatly surprise those for some who have seen some of the disappointing flicks. It certainly won't be among the best movies, or even the ones you'll remember for quality, but it's a very exciting movie, so it's certainly a yes to see. -Movies0000

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Kid, 10 years old May 11, 2013


This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Teen, 14 years old Written byTheTBone November 26, 2010
This show is amazing. It is about football, but is more about the characters in

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Positive Messages
Positive role models
Kid, 12 years old December 23, 2008


The best high school football movie and show!!! it was really powerful and sad! ever1 should see this once!
Teen, 17 years old Written byreality_check411 April 9, 2008

Biggest Waste of my time...

Okay, this movie is ONLY for people who are COMPLETE football fans - no one else will be able to understand any of it. I did not understand any of it, and would have enjoyed "Barney Goes to the Zoo" more. There are also explicit sexual situations in the beginning that takes place at parties where everyone is drunk.
Teen, 15 years old Written bymad man April 9, 2008
Teen, 16 years old Written bymovieman09 April 9, 2008


This movie was one of the best movies i have ever seen. You don't have to understand football to enjoy this movie. There are some sexual refernces and scenes but they have nothing to do with the story so you can fast forword them. 10 and up.
Teen, 17 years old Written bytankgaski April 9, 2008