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good movie.

its a good movie not bad the critics are wrong with negative reviews good movie.

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Want to see a better movie than "Chicago"? Look no further!

Honestly! "From Justin to Kelly" was a top-notch movie, surpassing the musical greatness of this year's Oscar winner. Unlike "Crossroads," this pop movie had a real, complex plot and deep characters. Some of the script was cheesy, but the acting was phenomenal. The singing, acting, and dancing was all so much fun to observe! I am not urging you to see this movie as an American Idol fan, but as a movie goer, who is often skeptical about today's movies. Musical lovers, and those who want to laugh and feel other emotions other than fear will absolutely adore the movie! I only wish there was to be a soundtrack! I hope that Justin and Kelly continue their movie persuits and the future American Idol winners continue on the path J2K created for them. I rate this movie two thumbs up, A+, for people who like humorous musicals!
not rated for age


DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE PG RATING! THIS MOVIE IS A DEFINITE PG-13! First, im shocked that this is only PG, considering all of the sexual stuff, and all the teen drinking. There are references to whipped cream bikini contest, obsession with boobs, starring at boobs, "getting laid," butt slapping, lots of sexual dancing and grinding, lots of scantily clad women in very small, tight bikinis, objectifying women, stereotyping men AND women, and much, much MUCH teen drinking. i have NO idea why CMS said this was only 8+. I would say at LEAST 13+. on top of all of that, this has to have been about the pathetically worst movie i have ever seen in my entire life. The directot or whoever was bent on making Justin and Kelly be "in with it," by making their songs almost hip hop/rnb even, when they are pop. On top of that this movie did not make Justin look cooler, it just made him look even more like a loser and a poser. This movie was so bad, that I hardly even got 20 minutes into it when i decided to stop. one last thing: everyone had fake, annoying, and REALLY unrealistic southern accents that they would sometimes seem to forget about because they would flip from northern to southern suddenly when the realized. I would not recommend this movie to ANYONE, but if you are completely desparate, than only to kids 14+. LOTS OF SEX FOR A PG RATED MOVIE.