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Adult Written byjowriggley April 9, 2008

Old Film with Old Views

I agree that the Bond character is chauvinistic in the sense that he perceives women as sexual conquests. The movie also has a scene where a domineering female villain is telling another female character to submit sexually to Bond (although it is a plot point). In that same scene, to me, there where was some slight lesbian innuendo in the villainess' mannerisms, but nothing overt. The movie is violent, but not gory, reminiscent of the old westerns. People are shot, stabbed, and strangled. Killing, espionage, treachery are recurring themes in the film, but you can see much worse on TV.
Parent of a 3, 5, and 7 year old Written byHannah B. December 2, 2016

The name's Bond.

From Russia with Love is in my opinion, one of the best Bond films made. There is some violence and implied sex, but it is mild in comparison to many modern films and even TV shows that children watch. I first saw this when I was about 6, my brothers 8 and 3 and personally a lot of Bond innuendo missed me then, as an adult we see things vastly differently. I would rate as 7 years plus simply as there is death and personally I think any younger is taking away a child's innocence, that said I thought they were pretending when I say it - the acting isn't the best.
Parent of a 2 year old Written bygerbowski October 31, 2012

Classic James Bond

This movie is what Bond films are all about. If you only see one, or are picking one for your first experience, this is a good choice. As usual there is violence and sex, I mean come on, what would James Bond be without those? But there isn't any nudity or blood and guts, so most teens should be ok to see this one.
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