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Adult Written byFinneylm April 9, 2008

Excellent movie to revisit with your children

I saw this movie long ago when it first came out and decided a few weeks ago to watch it with my 10 year old daughter. She loved the movie. I beleive that she will benefit from watching this again in another year or so as some of the issues were a little deeper than her understanding permits --social order, violence between faiths etc. . .---but the main themes of peace, nonviolence and acceptance she appreciated and has discussed with me. She gained an appreciation of Gandhi and justice/injustice. It was an excellent movie for her to see and one that I think she will see again and has grown as a person from watching this movie.
Educator and Parent of a 4 and 8 year old Written byKasloColorado March 13, 2016

A Great Movie to Discuss with Your Kids

My son, 8, was upset that some of his friends at school were bullying another friend. He didn't know how to deal with it. I wanted my son to see that there is a way to stand up for people, respectfully, peacefully, and bravely. We watched this movie together, pausing many times to discuss situations. We ended up talking all evening, with my son opening up about all sorts of thoughts. He's usually very quiet, but he was very inspired by Ghandi. It's not just history... Ghandi shows principles that we can all use to stand by our values while respecting and even befriending those who disagree. This movie showed this perfectly. I remember first watching it when I was twelve, and was also inspired. Watching this with your child can be a great way to open up a discussion about respect, conflict, values, and/or bravery. I would not recommend letting a child watch it alone, as it can be hard to follow without explanation, and the theme could get lost. There is some violence that is upsetting, but I think the value of the message and the history make this violence appropriate to its context. Violence is not overly dramatized or promoted.

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Adult Written byed1993 December 30, 2010

No, really, watch it!

One of the most accurate pieces biographical cinema ever to grace the screen this 1982 epic deserves your viewing. Tackling issues of racism, colonialism and totalitarian rule this film is a must see for all families. The story is inspiring and whilst the three hour running time may seem a little daunting it is not difficult to split it into 2 or 3 sessions.

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Adult Written byConnor B. January 21, 2017

This complete lie of a biopic only sugarcoats the life of a man who's not as noble as you think.

This is not a good film at all. In fact, it's only a collage of the most important events of Gandhi's life and a preachy morality lesson than a story. Every other line of dialogue is a morality lesson and doesn't come off as natural. Not only that, this film covers up a lot of terrible things Gandhi did or said in real life. If you are skeptical, there are many articles online that will tell you the truth. These aren't things to tell your kids at a young age, however. This movie is a perfect example of why I don't care for ones that distort the truth so much. More people need to know about what kind of man Gandhi really was, while keeping his message of non-violence that he preached to everyone else.
Adult Written byjengwilson April 9, 2008

Expose yourself to greatness!

Adult Written byBestPicture1996 June 3, 2015

Inspiring biopic showcases a true role model

What a great movie this is. Another brick in the Best Picture goal I have, I definitely would have skipped "Gandhi" just out of ignorance! Though my girlfriend later informed me about some not too biopic friendly things the Mahatma did, this movie showcases what he was most known for: his humility and willing to offer his enemy the right cheek when they slapped the left. Ben Kingsley is nothing short of magnificent as the man, probably, once you think about it, one of the top performances in the history of cinema. The semblance to Gandhi is eerily good, but just the way he encapsulates patience, kindness and strength in such a little body is truly worth the gold statue he garnered. The cinematography is beautiful, the script, though it passes through five decades, rarely drags and is straightforward, for the man himself was straightforward. This was a true passion project for director Richard Attenborough, and it surely shows, a labor of love that fits as great movie-making and a tribute to a one-of-a-kind leader.

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Violence & scariness
Adult Written bythewittyman27 April 9, 2008


i expected this movie to be boring. it was not. it was excellent. Gandhi's life was so inspiring and he was such a powerful man... it makes you realize what one man really can do. the director does a masterful job of having just enough lovable and hateful characters, and producing their strengths and weaknesses. by the end, you really love Gandhi, and would follow him to the end, even though it was only a movie. at first, you are skeptical and spiteful of his beliefs like the Indians, and you want to fight. but then you see the power in it, and the message made even stronger, and you side with Gandhi. and when in the end Gandhi is shot like you already know he will be because you saw it in the beginning, you 100% hate his killer, and you hope that the crowd pounces on his and rips him limb from limb, until you remember Gandhi's philosophy, and realize he would not want it. all in all this is one of the best movies i have ever seen, great for all ages. there s a surprising amount of violence though, including horrible, bloody beatings, shootings, stabbings, and the detailed description of the murder of a baby by smashing its head into the wall. everyone should see this movie. it will really make you think, and it will take a while to comprehend the magnitude of what this one, small, weak man did by not hurting a fly.
Parent of a 9 year old Written by[email protected] January 18, 2014


At school we were watching little clips of the movie Gandhi and it is AMAZING! It may be a bit to violent but you know yourself. I'm nine and I thought it was OK for my age.

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