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An OKAY watch, though I don't see myself watching it again

Though I felt like the movie had great uses of CGI and visual tricks, it doesn't make up for the lackluster plot development and uneven pacing. VIOLENCE: Some blood is shown, but there is constant gun violence and high-speed driving, which unsurprisingly leads to collisions and deaths. SEXUAL: A moment where a character is asked to take off her clothes to search for any tracking devices; no nudity is shown. LANGUAGE: Casual use of "s**t," and two uses of "f**k" (one character says "Adios motherf***er", which is quite strong for PG-13, on edge towards an R-rating).
age 10+

Great movie!

This movie is epic! The violence is pretty much the same as his earlier movies like I, Robot which was great. This movie has no sexual content and no drug use which is a relief considering movies that are out today. And the violence is not of the likes of mission impossible. It has less violence. They Only show the guns and point it at peoples heads. Overall if your kid is not sensitive than it should be fine for 10 yr olds.

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Too much violence
age 14+

Gemini Man - Can't Maintain Momentum

After an impressive opening and lead up to the initial storyline this action drama looked like it may have been heading towards being a throwback to the more believable thrillers of the seventies and eighties. Then enter the back-to-back over the top CGI ‘super’ action sequences - combined with this, a rather tired plotline of the super-performing secret service hitman who suddenly wants out (although his reasons are honourable). This sends him to the top of his boss’s hunted list. Will Smith is above average for this sort of material and quite convincing as the ‘best-of-his-game’, now being set-up for elimination. The clever visual special effects of seeing his ‘younger self’- now making attempts on his life, is a lot better than some hard to please critics would have you believe but perhaps, stretched out too much to maintain credible interest. Then they add to all this, yet another ‘unstoppable’ robotic clone to drag the story interest further into that overused juvenile level. A good cast is left to do battle with an underperforming script. Nicely choreographed (but again over-exaggerated) fights & stunts also get lost in the mix. Still, followers of Smith may not be overly disappointed.
age 13+

Rehashed concept with nothing new added to the formula.

This is one of those, if you've seen the trailer, you've basically seen the movie in it's greatest-hits form minus the ending. 99% of the plot is about as retreaded and paint-by-numbers as it gets. The CG can be good but is inconsistent in some action sequences and, in an end scene, just downright spooky lookin. Several times younger Will looks like a rendered video game character set to real footage. This movie is just about as OK as it gets, one that you keep in your que for awhile once you've watched up all the better movies and just 'give in' just for something to watch. It will temporarily distract you with mediocre action and adequately fill a time slot if you have nothing better to do or watch.
age 12+

Great Special Effects With Bad Acting

I enjoyed it, I feel like the ideology of this film was very interesting, and they completely wasted the opportunity. The acting was poor and the jokes were corny, but the amount of violence was just the right amount for me, and there is also an unexpected twist at the end.

This title has:

Too much violence
age 8+

Good Guy Movie

This movie does have a bunch of shooting and violence but no graphic content. It honestly looked like I was watching a early 2000’s video game. I think some more recent video games are much more graphic. It does have some “suggestions” but most kids don’t read into them like adults do. If you let your kids watch cable TV or play Call of Duty they will be fine. There isn’t any nudity or sex. The women look like they were had bikinis on and no men touched them when they were like that for the 2 seconds they were on screen. So if you let your kids go to a public pool this movie is fine for them. If you haven’t had a talk with your kids about death or dying by age 8, your behind. They might have some later because the one known character that does die is the best friend. It’s suggested and in the final seen they mention taking care of his affairs very briefly. If you blink you will miss it.
age 12+


Snooze alert!
age 2+
age 15+

Gemini Man, a combo of John Wick and Terminator with a whole lot of cloning

Gemini Man, an innovative action-thriller starring everyone’s favourite Fresh Prince Will Smith. The film tells the story of a retiring special forces agent targeted by his government who have decided to send clones of himself to take him out. While the story has a few gaping holes in it, it delivers well enough as long as you don’t rely on any logic to get you through, much like a Fast and Furious film. The films contains non-stop violence after the first act. VIOLENCE: Pretty bloody constant gun violence with not much gore, some blood spurts and some heavy injury detail. Characters are shot, stabbed, blown up, inflamed and beaten with clubs and bones. SEX: A female character is asked to ‘strip it down’ by the enemy she is spying on to check if she’s wired. She removes her top and you see her bra and panties from a few feet away. When the enemy inspects her his eyes linger over her breasts and she pushes him away. LANGUAGE: Frequent of use of ‘s--t’ and a single use of ‘motherf----r’ in a non-sexual way. SMOKING, DRUG USAGE: A main character relaxes in his armchair after a gunfight and takes a long smoke ( pot is shown ).

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
age 12+

Really Worth A Watch Despite Negative Critic Reviews

This was honestly one of the best films I've seen on a big screen in a while. It reminds me of classic action films. The film was perfectly balanced with all it's scenes; it had funny bits, and it was tense throughout. I have no clue why on earth the film has recieved so many poor reviews from critics. I guess they're used to over the top gore and violence with some of the new action films. Once again, this was a great film, really worth my while.