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Get Shorty

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age 14+

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age 14+
This movie does have a lot of swearing, with MANY f-bombs and some sexual references. But when it comes to violence, this film is very light with not much blood shown. If parents are sensitive to their kids hearing bad words in movies then I do not recommend this film, but if not it is a lot of fun and one of my favorites.
age 14+

Great movie, as long as your family is ok with some swearing and violence.

I loved this movie! It has good role models in the sense that John Travolta's character, thought he works in the mod, is a good character. This movie is genuinely funny and a good watch, with a great cast. They do have some excessive violence (people getting shot, punching, and plenty of blood) and plenty of swearing, but it's so good it's worth it, with those exceptions!

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Too much swearing
Great role models