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Oh no...

Arguably the worst film in cinema history. I would rank it lower than Plan 9 from Outer Space, mainly because Wood at least was coming from a place of sincerity, low budget, and poor taste. This film was shamefully expensive and it took A LOT of people that said yes for this to get made with a 75 million dollar budget. Money that could have been spent on virtually anything else in the world and would have been better for humanity than this monstrosity of a film. The title is an unfunny joke that never gets any laughs, and the commodification of lesbianism is atrocious at best, plus Bartha's display of "full retard" is agonizing to witness. Rented this knowing it had received horrible reviews. Who greenlit this and how did they fare with their limited employment options afterwards?
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not bad!

i liked it i don't care what others say about it it was a good movie !

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GIGLI was mindless but fun at some parts. Definitely rent it. Sex- 7: Some brief nudity, sexual references and overtones Violence-9: Very bloody scene of violence Language-10: Very explicit language Scariness-5: A scary/violent scene. My rating: R for pervasive graphic language, brief strong language and some sexuality/nudity