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The butt review

This is a good weird movie. This movie is definitely made for a older audience. This person does sex for cocane. There is some violence. And cussing with f**ck and sh*t......!
age 17+

Fairly good sequel!

If you've seen the first Ginger Snaps, you'll want to watch this one. If you haven't seen the first, GO SEE IT (It's ridiculously good!). The second one mostly centers around Brigitte and how she deals with the aftermath from the first film. After mixing blood with her sister Ginger in the original, Brigitte is turning into a werewolf herself and struggles to find a way to stop it while being locked up in a rehab center. She meets a girl named Ghost and together they escape rehab to get Brigitte her much needed herbal drug substance to mysteriously cure her (which doesn't work after all!) It's sort of a let down because Ginger only appears a few short times as a spirit - It's not nearly as violent as the first but there's some chasing, throwing and stabbing. Good amount of gore. There is bullying from a group of girls who continuously tease Ghost. Language is strong but not too frequent ("F" words and c**t, sh*t, b*tch and "clitoris" is used). Sexual content includes a girl who trades sex for drugs (cocaine) with the main rehab worker (it's far and distant so it's not graphic). While doing a relaxation routine, Brigitte fantasizes about everyone masturbating (shows all the girls touching themselves) before she snaps out of it. Brigitte briefly makes out with a guy and gropes him. There's a reference to rape. Overall, it's pretty good but much slower with less fun & action. The 3rd film is disappointing. Not for young teens! 17 and up only!

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking