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Going in Style (1979)

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If you call Depressing funny, this is Hilarious

Warning BIG Spoilers: Based off of the advertisements and other reviews, this movie looked hilarious. I mean come on - it's Art Carney, and George Burns! The first half of the movie was hilarious, really it was. The old men were hilariously cute, stealing guns which they then hide (very horrible mind you) in their suits. Right after the stick-up, they go to the park, where Lee Strasberg's character complained about being tired. Tired is the wrong word however because he died a few minutes later. Carney and Burn's characters are sad about it, and their is a very depressing funeral scene. Then, to make matters worse, Burn's character looks at some old pictures, which makes him so sad that he wets himself. Yah, I thought that the ' one man wets his pants' thing mentioned in the review would be in a comical way, but no. It was very sad to watch. - - - - - - - - - - - The rest of the movie is just as depressing. They decide to go on a trip to Vegas, where the win a lot of money. They get back home, fall asleep without even getting ready for bed, and - guess what! Carney's character doesn't wake up! Burn's character continues on, until he is caught by the police and is arrested. And that's it. Literally, the ending of the movie is he walking into his jail cell.-------------------------- Okay, so although I did not enjoy this movie, it had good acting and believable characters. But, if that's the only good things about the movie are the actors, something is wrong. I'd definitely recommend watching the new version, even if the language is horrible in the remake - I'd rather watch that one. (Mind you that I barely ever watch PG-13 movies). On the topic of language, the language is a problem in this movie. Multiple S-words and many inappropriate wise cracks. In conclusion - skip this.

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