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age 18+

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age 14+

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age 17+

keep it away from your kids

This is one of my favorite movies ever. Sometimes after a long day of chasing my three kids i want pointless comedy. This movie makes me laugh so much,and im not any kind of gamer.
age 13+

great movie ages 13-adult

great movie lots of drug use sexual content hilarious although i wouldnt reccomend letting children under 13 watch it

This title has:

Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 12+

A failed attempt at a funny stoner comedy

Grandma's Boy is a failed attempt at a funny hard R, stoner comedy. It has almost everything you need; pot, drinking, nudity, and sex jokes. It just lacks one crucial thing, humor. Throughout the whole movie, the only thing I chuckled at was the Lara Croft doll scene. Nowhere else did the movie even make me smirk. It also doesn't help that you're either highly irritated or bored by the characters. I have nothing against drugs and sex in movies, but here it just isn't funny. I wouldn't recommend this movie to anyone and suggest that instead, they watch Harold&Kumar 1 and 2, Pineapple Express, the Friday series, How High, Half Baked, Cheech&Chong, or Dazed and Confused. All those movies are funnier then this. Parents should know that pretty much everybody drinks to excess and smokes marijuana in this movie. There is typical R-rated language (f**k, p***y, s**t and others). There is a scene of masturbation, and references to 69, hand-jobs, foursomes, filipino hookers, and a lot of other things. A 30-some year old man has sex with an old lady. There are naked breasts (not the old ladies) and one person sucks on them throughout an entire night. In closing, Grandma's Boy just isn't worth your time or money.
not rated for age