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Parent reviews for Greta

Common Sense says

Dark, violent stalker thriller has strong performances.
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Parents say

age 13+
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Kids say

age 12+
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Adult Written byPyppydog1234 March 2, 2019

Very good movie

I watched this movie with my 12 year old son and it was not bad at all. At first I was debating bringing him but Alger all there was no need to worry. There weren’t really any scenes that were too bad, I think that I should be rated pg-13.
Adult Written byBOBISGREAT May 30, 2019

Such A Great Movie

I watched this with my 11 year old kid and we both loved it! We thought this movie shouldnt have been rated R but shouldve been rated PG-13. This movie gives You A good lesson If you find something give it to the police to return and dont return it yourself. There is one bloody scene of a severed Finger but nothing to Bad. No F Bombs wich is good and Theres only like 2 swears. But swears you would say in panic. After We watched the Movie my son hopped right out of the couch opened his computer and ordered Greta on dvd Hes now seen it 7 times he cant stop watching this movie. Also this movie Is wildly entertaining and not too scary.

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Adult Written bybaileysmovies March 11, 2019

An entertaining, unique thriller. Should have been PG-13.

I went into this movie with low expectations but I was highly impressed. No, it’s not the best horror/thriller film out there, and yes it has a few plot holes, but it’s different than your typical scary movie full of jump scares. The acting from Isabelle Huppert is brilliant, and she really creates a sick, infatuated character that will entertain the audience from start to finish. I believe that this movie should have been PG-13, not rated R. There is only one scene that is a bit graphic where a character’s finger is cut off, but it’s very short and almost comedic. A little bit of blood is seen, but it’s nothing teenagers cannot handle. There are a few sexual references, but again, they are just meant to be comedic. Nothing kids in middle school or high school haven’t heard. There are no sex scenes whatsoever, almost almost no nudity. A girl is briefly seen in a bathtub, but the color of the water obscures almost everything. There is also a very small amount of swearing. No F-bombs, only mild words that anyone would use in a moment of panic. Once again, I would personally allow any teenager to see this film. In my opinion, this movie actually warns the dangers of getting too close to someone without knowing anything about them. It does have some frightening scenes, but nothing that would cause nightmares. It’s a lot of psychological scares rather than cheap jump scares. It’s deffinitly more of a thriller than a horror.

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Adult Written byONTHERUNMOVIES March 11, 2019
Adult Written bysquid_888 March 2, 2019

Great movie, original and unpredictable!!

Great psychological stalker movie that actually wasn't cliche. It's similar to Misery except it's more of a slow-burn but overall more creepy and suspenseful than downright scary. If your teenagers are ok with suspense they could probably handle it (there are a few pretty unsettling scenes though). Definitely worth it!!