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Parent of a 7 year old Written bykristin1234 October 13, 2012

Movie about death and grief too upsetting for my 7-year-old.

The packaging of this DVD is very misleading. Nowhere did it even allude to the fact that this movie is about death and grief. My seven-year-old sobbed and sobbed for about the last 40 minutes of the movie. We kept waiting for an uplifting shift in tone and content but it never came in any significant way. After his beloved owner (Richard Gere) dies, the dog Hachi is grief-stricken and for the rest of his life waits at the train station for the master who will never return. It was heartbreaking. In the end Hachi is elderly and still waiting at the train station for his owner, and then he, too, eventually dies, resulting in more sobs from my daughter. I am very surprised that this was rated G. I'm also surprised the Common Sense Media reviewer thought it is appropriate for children as young as 6.
Adult Written byBeckstar October 29, 2011

sad true story

A beautiful, but extremely sad true story about a dog devoted to his owner. I think it's ok for kids, but If It can make an adult bawl her eyes out, I'd hate to see what it would do a child
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Parent of a 8 and 11 year old Written byBella1612 September 18, 2010

So Sad!!!!!!

Such a good story! I was sobbing at the end of it.
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Parent Written byMisti72 July 21, 2013

not for sensitive kids

The biggest issue for our family was that the owner dies in the movie and sensitive children will be really upset. My daughter bawled her eyes out hysterically the rest of the movie.
Adult Written byadvocatewhat'sright January 11, 2013


It's a sweet story about friendship, loyalty, and the rare, invincible bonds that occasionally form almost instantaneously in the most unlikely places. As said in the main review, this is definitely a tear-jearer movie. It's also kind of like The Fox and the Hound or Old Yeller. Overall 8.5/10 sad but sweet.
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Parent Written byconcerned for kids November 3, 2012

Slow and Sad

It's a very "lovely" movie. But my 14 year old daughter fell asleep, my wife was crying, and my 11 year old son and I were waiting for something (anything) to happen. I can understand however that some people could get emotionally involved in this movie.
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Educator and Parent Written byGisgis May 16, 2014

Too emotionally wrenching for young kids, and some older kids as well

I agree with the reviewer who said this movie should not be rated G and who disagreed with Common Sense Media's assessment that it's OK for age 6 and up. It most certainly is too heavy for such young children. I, too, expected something more "safe" given the G rating. The ending, however, left me sobbing and my 9-year-old deeply shaken and disturbed. Although I think it is a good movie for an older age group and if you know what to expect, parents should proceed with caution. It should definitely be rated at least PG and Common Sense Media should raise the recommended age to give parents ample warning. This is the kind of movie that could have a lasting negative emotional effect on a child who is sensitive or very young or who has life circumstances that would make him or her vulnerable to the intensity of the ending.
Adult Written bywonder dove September 29, 2012

Devestating yet beautiful.

I remember when I first saw this movie I said I wouldn't cry. Well, only half way through it I couldn't help myself! This story is SO SAD! As soon as Hachi's master (Parker) dies, it's almost impossible not to cry from then on. To watch what Hachi does every day, waiting for his master to return and also when Parker's daughter takes the dog into her home to care for him, he runs away... just so heartbreaking because you feel the sadness and confusion Hachi is going through. Would definitely make sensitive children cry their eyes out, some children may not completely understand what it means, but adults will need to have a kleenex box (or two) handy. Good for families of all ages I think.
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Parent Written bydavidc7 February 14, 2015

Very moving movie for older

Although a great movie, it is a very sad and a little to raw for younger audiences, specially if they are sensitive. I am a 42 year old man and ended up with tears. Definitely, I would not recommend it to younger kids.
Educator and Parent Written byhaskyfrank50 July 1, 2013

Family dog

It's a good and a lesson to learn about being left out and someone comes a takes you home and tries to finds a home for you but fails and still takes you in.
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Parent of a 8, 11, and 16 year old Written byReadWithMeMom October 15, 2010

A Little Slow, could put you to sleep

I used 5 kleenexes toward the end and I wasn't all that into the story because it was moving so slowly. Older kids may lose interest fairly soon, but younger kids might watch it all (and be calm enough for bed right after).
Adult Written byjen s. August 29, 2016

Slow and Sad, no child characters, more for adults

This movie proceeds at a very slow pace and has little drama except for one unexpected event. While it was beautifully crafted, for kids to enjoy it they would have to be in the mood for a very quiet movie. Unfortunately, the sensitive type of child who could appreciate its beauty might also be distraught by the sadness, and could have trouble finding a positive side at the end. There are no significant child characters, except for a narrator who appears very briefly at the beginning and end.
Adult Written byBumblebot P. August 21, 2016

Great story, terrible movie

It was so long and boring and nothing interesting happened
Parent of a 8, 10, and 11 year old Written bydavidlee2 July 25, 2016

great movie but agonizing heartbreak

My sons and wife and I were all crying for most of the last half of this movie. Tween daughter thought that was funny, but she like to be contrary. It was an emotionally overwhelming movie, but it was a great movie and I don't think any of us are scarred for life. It is still sad to think about today, but there are so few movies that touch us with such intense emotion; it is a welcome break from most of the garbage out there. Be prepared to cry a lot for a long time as you await the end when the dog finally dies after waiting for his master to return for 10 years.
Adult Written byjmo97 May 23, 2016

How did this get away with a G rating?

Don't get me wrong, I think this is a very well-paced, acted, and pretty touching movie about the friendship based on a true story. To watch this movie with young kids though can be risky, because, *spoiler alert*, the film also deals with one major tragic event that can be very depressing and possibly traumatic for them. Other then that, the film is a very touching family film that is worth watching at least once. I agree with CSM on this one. 7.4/10
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Parent of a 18+ year old Written byBananagram December 5, 2015


A famous Asian story, with an all white lead cast. Dishonor to all your families. If you haven't watched this, don't.
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Parent Written bygeorgeb1 September 8, 2015

A Beautiful Tear-Jerker

As a dog lover, I absolutely love this movie; but in all honesty, I simply cannot watch it, because by the end I am sobbing uncontrollably. Especially when the widow comes back to town after 10 years and finds Hachi still at the station. I simply broke down at that moment and wept. The ending is about as beautiful as you could possibly hope for, but you'll cry there, too. This is a kleenex box full movie - Soooo moving!
Parent of a 8 and 10 year old Written byTopspeed January 12, 2014

Surprisingly good

I was surprised at how the story drew you in as you watched. I put it on the for the kids really, but found myself watching it. My kids cried at the end though, so be prepared for that!
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Adult Written bycosmicore April 23, 2012

Tearjerker. A Story of Loyality to the End.

This movie is the heart-wrenching tale of Haciko, an Akita pup who grows up, and lives and loves his master. When his master unexpectedly passes away, Hachi continues to go to the train station to wait for his master's return, unaware that his master had passed away. If I were the family, I would have brought Hachi to the grave site so he could gain a shred of closure. Hachi is a very positive movie for such a sad turn of events. It made me and (especially) my Grandmother cry (My Grandfather passed away in '10 and Grandma said she feels like the dog in a sense, even though she understands he is not coming back.) If you watch this movie and it does not make you shed a tear or stir your soul in the slightest sense...I feel very sad for you. Amazing, AMAZING movie.
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