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Coen brothers' madcap, funny take on old Hollywood.
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Adult Written byCriticus January 28, 2019

Hail, Caesar! Review

I don't entirely understand the hate this movie seems to get. It's really a very nice little film - albeit no masterpiece - about a film executive who's also a family man, and whose life we, the audience, are honoured to peak into throughout the movie, as he does his best to subtly and gently persuade, bargain and negotiate with all manner of subordinates. At its heart, I think the film is really about Josh Brolin's nicely played Eddie Mannix - much more than any of the side characters, who glide on past, absorbed in their own lives. In addition to this, Hail, Caesar! offers a lovely tribute to an earlier, jollier Hollywood, a Hollywood steeped in references to the League of Decency and Ben-Hur… a better time? There is a Communistic plot, a romance, and really a fairly reverent treatment of the character of Our Lord in an epic. I recommend this flick for anyone with any kind of interest in the Golden Age of Hollywood, although kids will find it dull and confusing.
There's no sexuality, apart from some cleavage and provocative posing, and there are a few sexual references. This is one Coen brothers' movie with no real violence - a welcome respite. The curse words are listed as usual:
2:50 - JC
ll:25 - G*d-forsaken
20:45 - D*mnit
21:18 - A**
22:08 - A**
22:27 - A**
32:15 - Nuts
34:20 - D*mned
46:50 - "Good L*rd"
47:20 - D*mn
1:11:47 - H*ll
1:20:15 - H*ll
1:31:30 - D*mn
1:36:20 - G*d-d*mn
1:36:32 - SOB
Adult Written byStevie111 February 7, 2016

Odd but funny Coen Brothers Film

Hail Caesar is quite odd and not a laugh a minute comedy, but there is a lot of dry and different humor. I enjoyed the film, although I wouldn't say it was great. It is certainly a movie I feel adults will enjoy far more than teens, but there really is much "mature" content. There is some innuendo and more adult themes, though. Teens that want to see this film should be fine, but it may be better appreciated by older audiences.
Adult Written bykellikat February 6, 2016

Not funny

Not funny. Only an actor or an actress would think this movie is funny. Definitely an older persons movie. I'm 47. Didn't laugh once. I can't believe common sense media gave it 4 stars! They should refund my money.
Adult Written byadmg_2007 June 7, 2020

Boring, boring dont waste your time

Honestly I dont know why this movie has 4 stars. It is a really slow, boring, lack of sense movie. Waste of time and good actors. Don't bother. Totally disappointed.
Adult Written byevie_pevensie June 13, 2017

A hilarious homage to black and white film

I finally sat down and watched this, not expecting much, but instead took a walk down memory lane without even realizing it! The most brilliant aspect of this film is that it FEELS like an old movie but at the same time pulling laughs (and nostalgia) from the way old films were made back then with all their drama, affects, and the rest.

A lot of people complained about how it wasn't funny, but I disagree. It was packed with subtle humor, the kind you wouldn't get unless you grew up on old movies. The actors were brilliantly cast, and it was surprisingly clean. It was a stereotype of 50's movies, with Communists (dun dun dun duuun) as the villains and lines that could have been plucked straight from 50's film. The film is very Catholic, as the film "Hail, Caesar!" is a retelling of the crucifixion of Christ. What I like, as a Catholic myself, is that the Catholic aspect is handled with due respect and the Catholic character behaves as a Catholic should (he is seen going to confession on multiple times and praying the Rosary).

Now for the cons....the film was a bit slow and dragged in a few parts. There were like 7 different plotlines and it was confusing at first, but they all tied up neatly in the end. The characters were shallow, typical Hollywood characters who had no deep development throughout the film. But they weren't bad role models, more like just normal people in old show biz from the adorable helpful young cowboy-turned-actor to your scandalous but too good to lose star and the "affair that needs to be covered up as quick as possible".....but you didn't hate any of them, they were great characters and did amazing jobs. Even the villains were laughable and Hollywood-esque. There were some racy parts, but nothing you haven't seen in a 50's film anyway.

All in all, this was a fun trip down memory lane for lovers of old movies and I would compare it to La La Land in it's tribute to old Hollywood.
Adult Written bydarthsitkur February 25, 2017


I was expecting the usual coen brothers silliness and didn't get it with this one
Adult Written byJacob B. December 27, 2016

This movie was crap.

No plot. Very boring. Dumb dialogue. Not funny. Don't waste your time.
Parent of a 14 and 17-year-old Written byLance6 April 5, 2016

Poorly writtens and made little sense; don't waste your time!

Adult Written byAidan S. March 30, 2016
Adult Written bySoonerDave February 12, 2016

Dreadful Disappointment

"Hail, Caesar" is a positively dreadful entry in the Coen brothers library. It commits the singularly unforgiveable sin for a comedy: It isn't funny. At all. The flick tries to serve as some vague homage to a bygone era in Hollywood, but serves only to bore its audience into wishing it had stayed home and done something productive - like polish their goldfish. For the love of your own sanity, stay away from this misguided disaster.