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Hamlet 2

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age 12+

Perfect for kids 12 and up, Who like Edgy humor

this movie says its "Comedy Heaven, and "Dementedly Hilarious" Its right, this movie is very very funny, and dont be fooled into thinking that ts bashing religion its not, its kind of parodying Jesus Christ Superstar.It may carry an R rating, only because of the song, that was taken too seriously. This movie will make you laugh and if youre kids watch it they'll laugh and appeciate the film's main charachter Steve Coogan as he makes a bunch of underprivileged kids feel good. He is left by his wife and friend( which is a scene that actually affects you) he reches his dreams and gets the girl Elizabeth Shue. The movie is feel good and risky at times, but the ending musical number " Rock me Sexy Jesus" is not bad at all(aside from the title) and very catchy, adult will love this humor and kids (who can handle it will too.

This title has:

Too much swearing
Great messages
age 12+

Intentionally offensive, but half-decent escape entertainment

While it has been noted that this film isn't as full of expletives as other R-rated movies, the expletives are not casual conversation or ordinary reactions to unpleasant situations. Every expletive seems to be deliberately said so as to offend the audience...some of this may be due to the poor acting. Also the sexual jokes (including the scene of Coogan flashing) seem to have that same deliberate provoking intent. Also Coogan's character is not a very good role model, as is shown for example when teens drink in his presence and he doesn't stop them.

This title has:

Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
age 10+
Fairly tame movie. Yes there is profanity and some sexual content. It's also a bit offensive to christians. It's also pretty smart and funny!