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Ox-Bow Incident – A Classic In Every Sense (see below)

Forget this Eastwood movie - watch instead, the first of its kind: The Ox-Bow Incident – A Classic 4 Starer. Lamar Trotti’s excellent adaptation of the classic novel by Walter Clark packs a punch that’s uncommon in Hollywood westerns of this era – it’s stark and highly detailed in every department of motion picture drama. For what it’s worth this is a favourite film of Fonda, Eastwood, and many mainstream critics, it was nominated for Best Picture Oscar of its year and is regarded as one of the most important westerns of all time. While it may not be a film for everyone, anyone who respects cinematic achievement in social drama shouldn’t fail to be moved by this denouement of mob rule. Atmospheric cinematography, direction and powerful performances make this a must-see for advocates of truly fine western drama.