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Cute but a bit of a 90 minute commerical (* I actually really love of this movie, I'm just being objective here)

Like Scooby Doo has always had this thing of real world celebrity guest stars and crossovers with other properties, but this one takes the cake (or rather pumpkin pie) for having THREE at the same time...granted I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't acknowledge I watched this movie due to being a super fan of Batman (and in particular the Scarecrow character), Elvira, and Bill Nye ;but that still doesn't mean I'm still a little concerned about the presence of consumerism in children's media especially post-Lego Movie. But for what it's worth it has a decent message for kids about how it's okay to admit that you're afraid rather than letting it bottle up (especially in nowadays with increasing rates of anxiety among youth) while not letting it control you either. And while some would question the presence of Elvira, I didn't mark "sex" because her design has been toned down for the film and for what it's worth she is a role model especially in regards to Cassandra Peterson's real life activism, same goes for most of the actual characters (...for the most part) especially Velma. So if you have a child that likes DC comics (specifically Batman), Bill Nye, Halloween, and somehow hostess Elvira, Mistress of the have a VERY specific child, but this movie is for them. On a more serious note, this is made by the same guy who created Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy so if you like that you're in safe hands.

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