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Fine, just perhaps over young-uns' heads.

I think it's fine for 8 and up, as the review says, but I agree with the other poster that it's a little bit over the heads of the younger audience members. My nearly-8 year old missed nearly all the humor either because it was too subtle or he hadn't had the life experience yet to get the joke. *shrug* This isn't a problem, it's just that it would be more enjoyable for someone a tad older. I remember seeing the play at around 8 and being enchanted with Harvey himself...but my parents hadn't censored ANYthing from me, so I already had a lot more experience than my kid has at the same age.
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age 7+
This is a great movie. One for the whole family. A great celebration of imagination.

This title has:

Great messages
Great role models
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not rated for age

gentle but with adult themes

Recently watched Harvey with my 10 year old. She enjoyed the imaginary Harvey aspect but the adult themes required a lot of explaining: institutionalization of the mentally ill; involuntary institutionalization; sister Veta explictily mentions the problem with psychiatrists' obsession with S..E... I stiffened a bit and my 10 year old became wide-eyed and confused at that scene. That one scene is a bit of shock for the younger crowd. I do not agree with the 8+ rating, mostly due to this scene and the fact that the comedy of errors is too complicated for younger kids: Veta is institutionalized instead of Elwood and she is understandably traumatized by the experience. I would say 10 at the minimum, but 11 or 12 to understand the humor and very serious themes. For example, the 10 year old did not understand one bar's customer reference to "Yeah, I've been away for 90 days making license plates." The bar scenes are not that offensive; more like a scene from 'Cheers'-local bar where community comes together. There was the inevitable question also: "Where's the rabbit?". So, older is better to fully appreciate the quality of this wonderful film.
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age 12+

Not worth the time

There is a good message, yet it is covered in so many layers of entirely inappropriate information, lots of drinking talk about alcoholism, psychiatric disease, sex, etc. Skip.