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Teen, 15 years old Written byTheSuperman765 May 14, 2011

Coming-of-age dramedy is too dark, edgy for kids.

What to watch out for * Messages: Just about every character here indulges in unhealthy behavior, from doing drugs to stealing, lying, and destroying things. The outlook is mostly negative, though some of the characters appear to be trying, some of the time, to make things better. * Role models: Hesher is the center of attention in this piece, and he's practically a poster boy for negative behavior. He's destructive with no consequences; he uses and abuses drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol; and he has a negative attitude toward women. He nearly snaps out of it when he befriends the grandmother character, but that doesn't last long. The main character is actually the 13-year-old boy, T.J., but even he goes through a long bad phase while dealing with his mother's death. * Violence: Hesher likes to trash places, blow things up, and set things on fire. He threatens a 13 year-old boy with a pair of clippers. The same teen also deals with a vicious bully at school. There's some fighting, and one character hits another with a metal bar. Viewers see some blood (a bloody nose). Most of the violence occurs in the presence of the 13-year-old. * Sex: The movie is packed with sexual innuendo and graphic sex talk. There's also a quick glimpse of a porn movie on a TV set, as well as porn magazines. In one scene, a man and a woman have sex, but it's mostly off camera (viewers can only see them around a door frame). * Language: Very strong, constant language includes many uses of "f--k" and "s--t," as well as "c--k," "c--t," "p---y," "godd--n," "Jesus Christ" (as an exclamation), "a-s," "d--k," "tw-t," "h--l," "nut," and images of a raised middle finger. * Consumerism: Not an issue. * Drinking, drugs, & smoking: Hesher smokes cigarettes almost constantly. He also smokes pot, sniffs glue, and drinks beer to drunkenness. He shares some pot with Granny and teaches her how to use a bong. T.J.'s dad takes prescription pills for depression.
What other families should know
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Great role models
Teen, 13 years old Written byTheBombFunn July 4, 2013

Good,but certainly NOT for KIDS

Hesher is a good movie but not for kids. Its violent foul mouthed content make it not for kids. A 13 year old gets smoked in front of a nd violent content is present through along with drugs,language and sex.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
Too much consumerism
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
Kid, 10 years old November 11, 2011

good movie

good movie and teaches kids that the world is cruel