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fair movie, some suggestive material

Contains blackface and black people stereotypes A girl, maybe 5-7 years old, is shown in just underpants, (no bra or shirt) as part of a musical number, as Baby New Year REMEMBER: There WAS blackface, but we can't always judge people from the past based on our morals today
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Holiday Inn

This movie has been THE Christmas movie in my house for as long as I remember. The blackface in the Lincoln's birthday scene is not as big a deal as others are making it. Jim (Crosby) makes the number blackface after he finds out that Ted (Astaire) has come to the inn in search of the mystery girl he drunkenly danced with on New Year's Eve. Jim covers Linda (Reynolds) in blackface so Ted cannot recognize her and ask him to be his new dance partner. The song or dance does not mock anyone at all. Jim did this because Ted "stole" Jim's ex-fiancee from him. Now Jim fears losing Linda, too. Please also remeber that the 40s was a very different world than today. I know for a fact that this wouldn't go over well in today's society, but this is a part of history. To write off the movie as "racist" because of the blackface is depriving you and your family of a timeless Christmas classic. As I mentioned before, this song and dance number was not to poke or make fun of Africans for the color of their skin, but to keep Ted away from Linda.