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Kid, 12 years old November 4, 2015

Terrible movie telling lies. Needs "Terrible messages" as an option.

I saw the original when I was little (maybe 5 or 6) so I decided to return to the series. Terrible movie. First, I would have the animals stay in San Francisco if I wrote the script - it's much cooler than a bland house that looks smaller than mine! Second, the "heroes" were a bit rude... the cat wouldn't let one of the dogs out of a cage until he said something he didn't agree with! And the same dog constantly bullies a rival group of dogs. But third, the worst of all, it villainizes animal testing. You do realize everything has it's pros and cons, right? People are trying to cure cancer and aids via animal testing, and a lot of animal testing facilities are quite humane! As a supporter of (the humane form of) animal testing, the so-called "villains" seemed like heroes! And that stupid hound... the van could have been sold or given to a homeless person for shelter! That was property damage he caused by destroying the van! Overall, terrible movie villainizing something that might cure serious diseases. 1/5 for a great setting and cool fighting scenes. I'm counting "propaganda against positive sources" as consumerism, cause all it does to the "rescued" pets is turn them into Buddies - dogs that hug, kiss, lovingly stare at and are extremely bonded with their owners, that even say "I love you, owner" every day in barking. (I think) For more info go to:
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Too much consumerism
Teen, 13 years old Written byDisneymovielover77 August 10, 2014

The amazing trio of our favorite pets are back

This film is just as good as the first one. Disney if you have spare time please make a 3rd one with the cast in this movie. The only concern might be the guys in the blood red van. They hate dogs. One of them threw a cigarette on the ground and it started a fire. You might want to talk to them about that. Chance is funnier in this one. They also have their owners older. They introduce a few new characters. There are sweet and funny moments in this one but I don't understand why movie critics didn't like it. The film does have very likable characters including the amazing 3 trio pets and their owners. Their journey back home all started with something that happened at the airport. The funniest scene is when Chance comes to Shadow's and Sassy's rescue at a junkyard that scene was one of the funniest. It does have good messages and role models except for the blood red van guys. You will still love Chance's and Sassy's antics. You will like the scene where Shadow saves a little boy from the fire. That's one of my favorite scenes. Shadow risked his life for the little boy because he will do the same for Chance,Sassy,and their owners. You clearly see that in that one perticular scene. I really want there to be a 3rd one with this amazing 3 pet trio and their owners. Please make a 3rd one Disney. The film is filmed at different places in San Francisco which was really cool to see the Golden Gate Bridge in this movie!!!
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Teen, 14 years old Written byPluffy July 10, 2009
I love this movie better then the fist one!
Kid, 9 years old February 23, 2009

I loved this movie!

It was very sad, romantic and touching, but funny, clever, and overwhelming! I love animals, and loved the first one , as well. 9+!
Teen, 14 years old Written bymkalv February 2, 2009

A dissapointment.

The first movie is funny, charming, clever, and better plot. This film is boring, the plot is old, and an added romance for Chance is just boring. The first is a classic; this one is a soulless sequel.