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'honey' alert

Acting by e.g. Lil Romeo was great, but producers really shoulda got somebody that grew up street dancing to play Honey (even if the real Honey did not) ~ no way did Elba teach the dancers to do e.g. the final dance sequence ("Believe"), and, to add injury to insult, we can't find those great dancers' names among 'full' cast lists on line, even tho there'd be no movie without them!
Examples of 'mixed messages' inc Missy Elliott preferring Elba as choreographer of non-sleezy dances even tho Elba's first few jobs were as dancer in 'sexy' videos. And, i guess, the charming Mekhi Phifer was wearing his bling to prove you don't need to be a gangster to look 'cool'...which as moral messages go is pretty lame.

age 8+

Fun and Entertaining

This movie shows more than what people think. It shows the life of one girl trying to make it to the big top without anyone really helping her except with support. She takes charge of her life and tries to help those out on the streets become better people. In the end, she shows that kids are the ones who make the difference in the world.
not rated for age

Kids will love the hip-hop dancing....even though the film was terible

*Sigh* I don't know what to say. Jessica Alba can't act and the script should be burnt. It is like a hip-hop version of Bring It On.....without the Ra ra ra!