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Sweet, clumsy family film about saving owls.
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Adult Written byjimmygu3 April 9, 2008

Two wrongs don't make a right

I had to have a talk with my 5 and 7-year old after this movie. Besides the fact that the movie itself was not that well executed, my main problem with it involved the "moral" of the story. The main characters engage in vandalism, theft and even kidnapping in the name of good. But they never even try going through the proper channels to achieve what they want. They could have put up flyers around town explaining the situation to the people, talked to the Mayor, called the corporate headquarters, organized a boycott if necessary, etc. But instead we are supposed to excuse all the law breaking because the "cause was just" and the bad guys were unlikable buffoons. I'm all for protecting wildlife, but this film sends the wrong message in my book.
Adult Written byDexterSmith April 9, 2008

Sweet family film is fine for kids 9+

Sexual Content (Not an Issue): A commercial starts out with "Are you a big boy with a big appetite?" said sultrily. Mullet Fingers is seen shirtless and Dana is shown in his underwear only. Beatrice runs away to Roy's house, where he lets her spend the night (but they don't do anything sexual). Violence (Pause): Roy is hit in the head with a golf ball two times. Dana bullies Roy by shoving his face into a bus window and gagging him (with Roy punching him for doing so, and we later see a large welt on Dana). Mullet Fingers is attacked by a dog, and we briefly see his bloody wound. Mullet Fingers has a construction worker tied up and gagged after he tries to kill the owls. Language (Not an Issue): None other than a few uses of "Oh my God". However, we do see Mullet Finger's mouth say "damn", but the audio says "dang" instead. Social Behavior (Pause): Characters lie, steal, pick on and bully others, and engage in illegal activities. Commercialism (Not an Issue): None. Drug/Alcohol/Tobacco (Not an Issue): Some adults have drinks that may or may not be alcoholic.
Parent of a 9, 12, and 15 year old Written byKaren S April 26, 2017

Better than your average family film

The best parts of this movie are the likability of the main character Roy, the friendship between the three characters, the fact that it's a friendship movie with boys and a girl, the environmental message, and the sense of place. It's also a rarity in that there is no romance between the boy-girl characters. I found it funny, and was happy to watch it with my elementary kids, and then again a few years later. The worst part is how clueless Roy's parents are to his unhappiness, and the general idiocy of the police and corporate people. But it does make for some fun and satisfying scenes.
Parent Written byMixyplixl February 4, 2014

Has potential, but very disappointing - poor values and where are the owls?

First to say, that if you like movies about animals, you will be very disappointed-- the owls are really not part of the movie until the tail end of the movie. It is more about the kids saving the owls... though we objected to the glorification of vandalism rather than activism to get their message across. It is really too bad, as with Carl Hiaasen as a writer, there is a great portrayal of local color and characters, with Owen Wilson and Clark Gregg being particularly fun to watch. For that, it is a good all ages movie.

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Adult Written bynightowl April 9, 2008

Buy the Book!

This followed closely to the book, but like most others...the book is much better (although there is cursing and a "mooning" incident in the book). The characters were believable, but the performances of the Luke Wilson, and Tim Blake Nelson seemed very wooden. I liked the movie, but would have liked to see it a bit longer, with more character development.
Adult Written byfilmtv April 9, 2008

I disagree withthe Commonsense one liner!

"Sweet, clumsy family film about saving owls" was the quote. The film showed children that there is more to life that stardom, money or position. Sometimes you just have to stand up for what is right. We do not call documentaries that are about saving wildlife clumsy so why should we here. I feel the producers did an excellent job of making an entertaining movie while leaving children as well as adults with something to think about! The only negative was the methods the children used. The producers should have chastised as well as complimented and given the audience alternatives.
Adult Written byG3 April 9, 2008

OK, but young kids won't like it.

Adult Written byMrs. Jackson April 9, 2008