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Teen, 17 years old Written bySean Broucek November 15, 2013

Compelling dystopian drama is amazingly acted, but edgy at times.

Parents, this compelling war drama about World War III and the blossoming romance of two cousins is sure to entertain audiences, but the dark themes and sexuality make it better for older teens. Violence includes a beating, some brief images of dead or hung people, girls being forced into concentration camps, themes of sadism, and an incest reference. Sex includes some sex scenes with no nudity, kissing, making out, sexual references, and the main character appears almost naked on a few occasions. Language includes one use of "f--k" and frequently, "ass", "s--t" and derivations of "b-tch". Also some teen drinking. In the end, this compelling drama is okay for kids 14 and up. SUGGESTED MPAA RATING: Rated PG-13 For Teen Sexuality And Drinking, Some Disturbing Images And Brief Language Including Drug References