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Slightly edgy Christmas special makes Santa a grump.
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Parent Written byLISABETH S. November 29, 2016

Definitely NOT for children,

Why would they put this on right after a kids show?
Disgusting language, within 1 minute I knew this was not for kids.
Parent of an infant and 8-year-old Written byAlanna P. November 25, 2016

Not for kids... Very upset

They put it on right after The Grinch at 7:30 and I'm thinking its for kids.... I was like what the heck, when they started calling Santa a jerk.... Then when they were pouring pills in Santas mouth I got mad and turned it off. I don't mind some crude remarks but you don't put a graphic image of a bottle of pills poured down someone's throat. It would have been funny I guess if my kid wasn't watching..... Adults only!!!

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Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written bySusan E November 25, 2016

Christmas cartoon at 8:30 at night is before kids bedtime and they're saying swear words

My mother would have shut this program off with all the obscenities and bad jokes. I think I remember Christmas cartoons with no swear words crude little jokes. The other posters here did not mention that the T.V. station put this on at 8:30 Friday night when they know preschoolers are watching and will repeat what they hear. In this day and age of 2016, I still know some people that do not like this.
Adult Written byLowe's man February 29, 2016

Poor customer service is the order of the day.

Santa Claus treats customers and employees poorly here- not at all like the Santa Claus we've come to know. It should be no surprise that I turned this off shortly after it started. I don't remember much else about this, but again, the more that's forgotten about this, the better.
Adult Written byArcherSlamBam December 17, 2015

"Is this for kids-" NO!

I'm going to admit, I only sat through the first twenty minutes of this special. I couldn't even bare it. I've stomached multiple episodes of Caillou, with the brat of a lead character, Yin Yang Yo, whose male lead stabs a baby in the head and even Pickle and Peanut, which had the least amount of effort. But this?
Ok, it's good to not always be PC. I'll say that. But this thing makes terribly ignorant jokes, and most of them come out of nowhere. There's the easy joke that elves are slaves that are "cheaper than the Chinese," the town is set in "Stinky Cigars," which was really stupid and the songs AND the rhyming was unbearable!
If you want a better special...I can't believe I'm about to say this... If you want a better Christmas special, watch Elf Bowling: The Movie! It's stupid - it's outright awful - but it is nowhere near as unabashedly unfunny and pathetically pitiful as this movie is.

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking