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A hit and a miss

A meandering screenplay and film that feels like it is adapted from an English novel (but without the bounce of Austen). I was not a fan of the self-importance of everyone in this film and although Thompson won an Academy Award, I cannot say that I agree. I am a big fan of Thompson, but I was not invested in her or Bonham-Carter or frankly anyone else in this sprawling epic-style film. I guess i only cared to know what happened to Jacky Bast after her husband is no longer available to take care of her, but with all of its posturing about lower classes, it feels like her pain is tossed by the wayside...too bad.
age 14+

An Engaging and SUPERBLY Acted Melodrama...

HOWARDS END suffers from a lackluster opening and an infuriatingly slow pace. However, about 40 minutes in, it finds its footing as an engaging, superbly acted, and well-written melodrama. Oh, and I must mention the score; it's simply brilliant, as are the stars (especially Hopkins and Thompson, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite actresses). Language consists of two "damns". Violence is mild, with some punches being thrown and a man is hacked at with a sword. Sex is the biggest issue in the movie, but is still on the milder side. Couples are seen kissing passionately, and mention is made of various love affairs (some overtly sexual (not seen) and some extra-marital (SPOILER: A married man impregnates Helena Bonham Carter)). I will say 14+ on this simply because kids won't enjoy it. I know that for a fact. Most teens won't either. There's nothing in this that anyone over 11 hasn't seen in TV or movies before, but they won't be interested.