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I Believe in Santa

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age 13+

Not for young kids

If you have children questioning their belief in Santa do not watch this with them. The entire movie is about questioning Santa and gives more reasons why he may not be real. It’s honestly a depressing movie.
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age 14+


This movie had many long, boring, and depressing scenes in which there were detailed discussions about the existence of Santa and how stupid it was if somebody did believe in him. One character is ridiculed for believing in Santa and every possible reason for not believing in Santa was given, multiple times, in detail. Even if your child doesn’t believe in Santa, the whole thing is sort of the opposite of the Christmas spirit, even though it pretends to be all about it. I can’t even believe that this is PG (though there were not that many inappropriate parts) without some warning to parents. it’s too bad that even movies that don’t have any inappropriate parts still are not good for children. I’m imagining many children’s holidays being completely ruined by this movie. It also even gives an age limit (twice) where it says that no one (sane, it’s implied) over 10 should believe in Santa. And it wasn’t even even a good movie or very funny at all. a total waste. I’m writing this review to hopefully prevent some children’s hearts from being broken and Christmases from being ruined.

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age 11+

Appalling, dreadful, do not watch...not even funny.

This film is an appalling watch! There's a delusional guy who believes in Santa - not ironically by the way, then there are loose 'nods' to Elf the movie - by far the superior film by millions of miles. It's sad, it's depressing, I'm 50 minutes in and thinking that the guy needs to perhaps be seen by professionals who help people with very bad mental health problems. The guy who believes in Santa is the least convincing actor I've seen in a long time (includes am dram actors). The other actors are brilliant to say they're dealing with a script that should have been rejected before Netflix sank millions of $ into the production and airing of it. The only reason I am going to continue to watch this film is to see if it even marginally improves...but I don't hold out much hope!