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Ice Princess

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Wake me up when its over

Okay this is so boring there is nothing bad in it but I wish I could give it less stars there isn't good lessons it just boring don't recommend
age 16+

Rude and cliquey behavior

This movie could have been way better but it’s filled with such bad attitudes that it’s almost hard to watch. Many of the kids in the movie are ungrateful bratty types that are rude and cliquey. If that’s not enough, even a leading role parent/coach gets so jealous she resorts to ruthless sabotage. It’s hard for kids to watch stuff like this and not adapt some of the behavior themselves.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much consumerism
age 8+

Great Mother-Daughter Date Movie With a Few Slick Spots

Casey Carlisle is an eighteen-year-old "mathlete" with a latent passion for skating. Challenged to complete a "personal science project" to win a physics scholarship, she unites her physics talent with her appreciation for figure skating and reaps unexpected results. The more she discovers her skating abilities, the more she is challenged both physically and emotionally, which provides great character growth. She makes true friends of some skater schoolmates who previously saw her only as a geek, and maintains her identity and self-worth in the world of a sport that tries to tear it down. Casey's newfound desire to skate puts a rift between her and her mom, but Casey does her best to treat Mom with love and respect throughout, and the rift is eventually repaired. A sweet romance between Casey and her skating coach's son round out this lovely story. The biggest caveat comes in the form of Tina Harwood, owner of the local skating club and Casey's eventual coach. She's manipulative and scheming; one of her underhanded ploys gets Casey's feet severely injured. Tina never apologizes for any of this, nor does Casey expect her to--it's seen as normal behavior for the sport. Speaking of which, most parents put a lot of undue pressure on their children to win competitions. One dad even says his daughter is only worth his working two jobs if she wins. That's an extremely negative message parents would do well to discuss. It's also worth noting that throughout the story, Casey is presented with skating as an either-or option--she can either be a skater *or* an intelligent woman whose career has a "shelf life." Casey is a good role model because of her kindness, intelligence, and fortitude, but parents need to make clear to their daughters that they can be all those things without giving up what they love. Other minor caveats include what may or may not be drinking at a teen party (beverages served in opaque cups) and catty behavior from skaters in the interest of winning competitions.

This title has:

Great role models
age 11+

Not quite for seven year olds

I think common sense missed the boat on this one. Girl lies to mom about going to a party, uses the mousy unpopular girl as her cover story. Not a 7 year old story line. Other girl lies to mom about what she does after school. Moms act irresponsibly. Ok, it's a movie. But I don't think 7 year olds quite get the fine lines and gray areas these characters cross. Also, the whole let's throw away our brilliant mind & hard work to chase our out-of-nowhere incredible skating talent is an uninspiring plot line.
age 9+


i thought it was sweet and yet insipiring a truly nice movie

This title has:

Educational value
Great messages
Great role models
age 6+

Lots to talk about....

I too really disliked the ultimate message of this movie...Not that all movies have to tow the line and be Politically Correct.. But it really would have been fabulous to have had a smart and beautiful protagonist who majors in physics at Harvard AND ice skates. There are just so very few positive images and role models in the media for girls. What if you don't want to be a rock/pop/movie/webcast star, a star athlete or a model??? I feel as though I spend major amounts of my time trying to counter the Disney and Cartoon Network images of girls and women...and we don't really watch much TV at all!
age 7+

Sends the WRONG message to our smart girls!

This movie is pretty innocuous on the surface, but the message is incredibly wrong for this era's young people. A very intelligent girl - highly gifted in math and science - is portrayed as making a good choice to pursue a VERY unrealistic dream of ice skating, mostly to flaunt what is percieved as her mother's dream that she go to Harvard. While some parents may be trying to fulfill their own dreams, most are just trying to get their children to make good and wise life choices about what the future really holds. This movie would otherwise be OK, but the message is all wrong for our smart young girls.