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Super funny
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Like jackass, but not as funny or entertaining

It’s better as a 22 minute show then a more then an hour long movie. It gets boring after a while.

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Too much swearing
age 10+
I’ve been a big fan of Impractical Jokers since 2015. They’ve been there on my TV{s} through my highs and my lows. I remember New Years Eve 2015, I was so scared about the future and just sitting watching Impractical Jokers wanting time to sit still and never move....but it did move and 2016 was an awesome year lol. Fall nights home alone watching Impractical Jokers. Winter nights in 2016 watching Fameless and Impractical Jokers back to back. Thursday nights at the beginning of 2017 whenever I could catch a break from college nonsense....flip to TruTv and watch Impractical Jokers. One of my best friends I made in 2017 who I’d drink Pepsi with and play mini golf with, I found out was an Impractical Jokers fan and I freaked out. Summer 2017 especially when TruTV aired another one of my fav shows ever “I’m Sorry”, whenever that would finish airing an awesome new episode {Thursday nights I think} more Impractical Jokers. Lame homework assignments I had to do (especially that dreadful film class) I’d kill time with Impractical Jokers b4 doing it! Seeing a movie on the big screen. Oh God don’t get me started on Winter 2018. Throughout 2018, I didn’t get much TruTV/Impractical Jokers time (a year where I was focused on stressful things and now really really regret focusing like....most of almost all of my energy on those stressful things) but Winter 2018....was GO CRAZY time. I felt free. The year was ending finally. And that Christmas 2018, was the best Christmas of my entire life and I don’t exaggerate one bit. No petty family drama, no nonsense. Relaxing with my dog, dancing to music, drinking Blue Voltage Mountain Dew/egg nog mixes (was not a great blend but I enjoyed drinking the rest of the Mountain Dew) watching marathons of Impractical Jokers. 2019....I hardly got any time with my Jokers. I thankfully got time with my best friend Andrea (her show “I’m Sorry” finally came back to TruTV in January 2019) and got a little time with Jon, as his show Jon Glaser Loves Gear came back off of a 2 year hiatus. But my Jokers....very little time. Just like 2018, so many deadlines I was trying to finish, hardly got any time with old friends. Going into 2020, for two years now I knew my friends were going to the big screen....but seeing that my friends where coming to the big screen faster than ever made me really really happy. I couldn’t wait at all. So Saturday February 29, 2020, I got to the closest theater as fast as I could. Watching them on the big screen just made me so happy! Sure, this isn’t really a lot of their best bits, but there’s some good/great stuff here (Joe’s Atlanta Hawks prank, etc.) and Joe, Murr, Sal, and Q are as fun and charismatic as ever! I loved the Paula Abdul subplot, I thought that was a lot of fun! In 2020, I’m finally {almost} finished with this college nonsense and there’s kind of a lot of uncertainty....with world :( But as for now, until I get time to catch up with my Jokers TV adventures again, I’ll never take any of my TV friends for granted (Jokers included) and my theatrical time with the Jokers wasn’t the best, but still occasionally fun and great catching up with friends!
age 14+

Great movie.


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Great messages
Great role models
age 8+

Kinda trash kinda not

If you're a fan of the show and want to watch it for 2 hours. Be my guest if you are not, you should pass on the movie. Can get repetitive for people who aren't a fan, as well as some of the jokes just being annoying.
age 13+

Funny movie to make you laugh until water comes out of your eyes

The Impractical Jokers movie had me laughing until tears came to my eyes. It was a perfect way to de-stress after long work week. My teenaged daughter and her friend enjoyed to movie also.
age 12+

General waste

Only reason to see Impractical Jokers The Movie is to help your kid feel they are not missing out on movie from tv show they like.