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Just thought as a parent that you'd want to know...

I quite enjoyed this movie and I liked that it kept me guessing the whole time as to what was going on and how it would end. With that being said, there is definitely violence and gore throughout the film (mostly a lot of bleeding from the eyes, nose, mouth), but the main reason I'm writing a review is because I didn't see anything on this site stating that there was anything sexual within the film, and there actually is. The scene I'm referring to is very short, but it IS there. Without giving any spoilers, there is a club scene (about 19 minutes in) where women are dressed in low cut tops as well as short shorts, a man is in his underwear in a cage, and one woman's bare breasts are shown.

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A movie designed to trumpet the idealism of Leftist values

For much of the movie, the story was riveting as I watched and wondered how elusive the murderer was. It was only at the ending that I realised the political motivations that the movie carried us all the way to the end where it was finally possible to join the dots conclusively understanding that, being a patriot for your country is not a good idea and that is why, the woman had to return to the past - to times well before she was born - to 'correct' what the political left believes is wrong. Although it is never said that this is the leftist view, it is very clear as to who, in the American political landscape, not only hates patriots but invents the narrative that they are the one who will end up take up arms, start a civil war in destroying the world. As the granddaughter explains to her grandfather that she has to do what is 'right' and that 'right' is to murder people, to stop the patriots. The way of the story, in the end, is a simple twisting of logic to suit the narrative of the Left. Firstly, confronting the murderer, the ex-cop realises he really cannot kill her (for obvious reasons). Secondly, murder is okay if you have the right reason and that reason is right because the Left says so. There is no moral distinction here between what constitutes murder and what constitutes killing in self-defence. Thirdly, notice that all the murder victims (except the cop's partner) are white and for good reason here. What is worrying about a movie like this is that many people might not be discerning enough to uncover the clever political correctness here. Impressionable youths who watch something like this might be led to believe that because of a 'bigger picture,' murder is a right 'moral' thing to do. In other words, to save the world, we have no choice but to murder. Have we heard this before? Of course, we have and it already exists today. To have Hollywood/Netflix to pound this message through simply reinforces the narrative that it is true and it is morally right. And it's not just the impressionable youth who are gullible - as we painfully see, plenty of adults can be easily consumed by a movie that tries very hard to conceal the narrative of the Left but as is so common among them, they always reveal their motives in the end. If you have people in your family who love their country and do not want their sense of integrity and moral responsibility to be undermined, do not watch this movie. If you have strong discernment about what is right and what isn't, watching this might just make you throw up but it will also affirm for yourself, how far Left that, Tinseltown has gone.