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Uninspired sequel is dull despite big sci-fi battles.
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Parent of a 12-year-old Written byJswurd April 9, 2017

Cheesy story and muffled characters = one messy flop

This movie has its thrills in its giant high octave Si fi battles, but even that doesn't make up for the very cheesy storyline. Te characters don get their full potential and aren't thought out well. There are some creepy scenes and alien blood, along with mass distinction but that's about it.
Adult Written byChristine N. March 26, 2017

Loved it!!

I was presently surprised because people were saying it didn't compare to the first movie and they were disappointed but on the contrary it was really good I really enjoyed this movie. I hope they continue with making more since they ended it in way for opportunity to continue with several others if they wanted!! Great job!!!
Adult Written byNikolas Z. September 7, 2016

One of the most stupid movies

This movie is absolutely stupid and not cool at all. The characters are all worthless and expendable in my opinion offering no emotional weight to the movie. The movie has all the annoying, typical, and unoriginal characters such as the stupid hero with his supposedly rough upbringing, an idiot scientist who acts like an idiot when explaining his scientific mumbo jumbo. I'm not sure if he is there to make us laugh or what because I sure didn't, and a CIA or FBI agent who is the typical dumb nuisance making a fool of himself while trying to stop the heroes plans. I can't go on there is just too much to list... don't waste your money on a movie that epitomizes the quick buck type of movie hollywood continues to spew out.
Adult Written byJeffRus July 7, 2016

More poor quality for a fast buck

Same old same old from Hollywood. Different actors except the guys who were comatose for 20 years. The science is old and inaccurate. This is essentially a remake of the old movie. Stupid clichés, and from the same actors to boot. I hope these failures sting the ones responsible, maybe they'll stop?
Adult Written byStevie111 June 24, 2016

Independence Day: Resurgence is a decent sequel, but not that great

The sequel to Independence Day is pretty good and entertaining. It has good special effects, but didn't wow me. It was good, but not great. It's similar to the first, but almost has less plot. I think the first one is better. There was just as much action in this one and I think the aliens got a bit more screen time. There isn't too much up close fighting. Most of the action is destruction sequences and air crafts blasting each other. I do recommend this, especially to fans of the original, but not to younger kids. 10+ may be okay depending on how they do with aliens, but teens should be perfectly fine.

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