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Parent reviews for Insidious: Chapter 3

Common Sense says

Nothing new, but surprisingly effective, scary prequel.
Based on our expert review

Parents say

age 15+
Based on 7 reviews

Kids say

age 13+
Based on 18 reviews
Adult Written byFamilyReviews June 18, 2015

The Best Of Them All!

Worth going to see. I went to see it at the movies and I was very impressed. It was super scary and had lots of jump-scares. Definetly suggesting this movie to my friends. It's so much fun to watch it in theaters because it's louder and VERY scary. I don't suggest kids 10 & younger too see it. It's very creepy and has bad words. Includes blood, breaking of legs, cracking bones, loads of jump-scares, choking people, scary figures & more.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Parent of a 6 and 11 year old Written byKeegs M December 19, 2016

Can't Wait For More!

Insidious Chpt 3 explained to us everything we needed to know about the first and second feature. This film was absolutely amazing and definitely showed the scares it needed. The movie wasn't very violent, but the demon looked a bit repulsive. There was little sex except mild flirting. There were a few jump scares, but overall wasn't extremely scary. I would totally recommend this movie to fans of the franchise. I absolutely loved this movie and cannot wait until a new movie is made.
Adult Written byerica921 August 8, 2015

to much jump scares and to scary

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byPCDberry June 14, 2015

Insidious chapter 3 violent for PG-13

The whole film is intense with violence there is stabbing, choking, possession, fighting, forcing, and all revolving around a teenager girl meanwhile there is1 F word and 1 middle finger and a lot of scary things age 14 and up ONLY

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byETHAN G. August 11, 2018

Good Prequel To a good movie series

Insidious chap 3 is a prequel to insidious 1 Insidious chap 3 contains fighting scenes mild violence , one mild disturbing scene ( a woman crawling on the floor without her eyes ) and one use of bad language (fucking) the real age rating in the UK Is 15 in America it's PG-13 witch I found quite scary for PG-13 My Rating : 13 + Sex : 0/10 Violence: 4/10 mild ( violence you would except in a 12 movie) Drugs : 0/10 Bad Language: 1/10 (F#cking) Scarinnes: 6/10 (jumpscares,mild disturbing scenes, frightening scenes , intense music) Thixendale film shold be watched by 13 and up and maybe 12 if your kid is brave
Adult Written byTornadosplash44 February 14, 2018

Surprisingly good horror prequel that ties well in series!

This film did not let me down! I loved how this film tells the story way before the first film! I loved the acting and the plot, and the film was pretty scary! The film does contain some brief language including a use of f**k and uses of s**t. In addition, the film contains plenty of horror violence. This involves possession, a car accident, brutal fights, and creepy imagery. This is a great horror prequel, but is best for teens 15 and up.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Parent Written byStacey B. December 16, 2017


This movie is pretty scary but is appropriate. Not really any gory or bloody violence and just a few bad words and that’s it.

This title contains: