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Mature but thoughtful dystopian sisterhood drama.
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Adult Written byDanamachelle November 24, 2018

Really should come with some sort of warning...

For the most part, the movie was rather interesting. The scenery was beautiful. However the part I can't shake is the rape scene. It was very upsetting and I feel like there should be some sort of warning for parents and also rape survivors. It was pretty triggering...

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Adult Written byNathan P. January 3, 2017

There isn't an incest scene

Shame I didn't come here before as I do not like any form of rape in the films I watch, this made me come across this site though to check from now on so not all bad.
The other reviewer said about an incest scene, this is untrue in the film, one of the sisters is massaging the others back when she breaks down in tears and is hugged and then they both fall asleep, to think they got it on is on the reviewer and some very questionable thoughts.

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Adult Written byBjones07 June 10, 2020


Very brutal rape scene happens in the movie where a young virgin is violently beaten and raped, and then carries and gives birth to a rape baby. Extremely TRIGGERING for survivors and young children!!! Beware..

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Sexy stuff
Parent of a 2-year-old Written byJensenMarie June 5, 2019

A bit unrealistic.

A story about two sisters surviving together after an apocalypse of sorts. It’s more like a cautionary tale of how not to survive, but the message of family sticking together is nice, even if it’s poorly executed.
Parent of a 3-year-old Written byShoebyDoo December 23, 2018


A film about a family living in a beautiful woodland house near a town, and what happens to them when suddenly electricity and communications including radio suddenly stop. No-one knows what has happened and when it will return to normal.
The rape scene is realistic (so scary and may make girls scared of going to the woods?) and the impact on her mental health afterwards is justifiable.
I like the ideas it could generate for how you could survive, and what skills you have or could learn to improve your chances (especially when YouTube won’t be there to teach you).
Adult Written byAlimond November 12, 2018
Interesting premise, with a number of believable and realistic elements. I liked the gathering of wild foods and hunting for meat, as well as how much the girls relied on their parents books and learned to identify plants, preserve food, etc. Numerous decisions are painfully illogical and I kept expecting more issues than the characters ended up having.
Then there is the matter of the perpetual state of summer they seem to live in for over a year, and several other inaccuracies you probably only notice if you've actually foraged for food or done home canning. Ending was totally unrealistic, one of the very illogical decisions. Also one girl was not going to carry all that food plus bedding, books, and tools on her back. For one thing the jars would break.
Overall very disjointed. I do feel it depicted real things people would go through in such a situation, and the acting was good, but the plot was not well thought out.
As far as the 'incest scene', what I saw was indeed that one sister hurt her back and was getting a massage from her sister who, as a trained dancer, probably has some experience. One reviewer mentioned that there was a scene which was cut, I don't know about this or if it was in the book which I did not read. I am very disappointed in the viewer for repeatedly focusing on 'lesbianism' when the real issue seems to be incest. And for your information, the scene appropriately warned of in the CSM description involving a loving couple was the younger sister and her boyfriend. If there was an incest scene and it was cut... this site wouldn't be referring to it now would they?
Parent Written byJesse C. September 5, 2016

Missing info from the review: lesbian incest

I am very disappointed in Common Sense Media. I have occasionally come here over the years to pre-check movies for objectionable content. I don't really care what they think about the quality of the product or their opinions on the morality of any of it. That's my job as a parent to decide. I just want to know I can trust them to provide just the facts.

I saw this movie on an airplane which managed to cut this movie down to a less objectionable level. There was one odd scene in there where for a moment it looked like the two sisters had "had sex" (whatever that means) and had a "morning after" moment. I brushed it off as ridiculous given what had recently happened in the plot. I didn't even think of it again until I looked the movie up later curious about the book it was based on and whether there was a continuation to the story. I was amazed to find that yes, in the uncut version, they did indeed have incestuous lesbian sex. On a whim I hit CSM to see what they had listed for it and was even more amazed to find there was no mention of the lesbianism or incest at all. All that is said is "There's also a sex scene, including kissing and naked breasts, between a loving couple. " For real? So I can't trust CSM to put potentially objectionable content up for parents to make decisions regarding? Isn't that the whole reason they exist? Not that I ever considered this material for my kid, but what about other reviews? Now that the culture has up and decided they are ok with homosexuality are those things suddenly off CSM's radar? Or is incest ok now if it's consensual or perhaps homosexual? Really...if CSM is going to start ignoring such things in their reviews I don't see any reason to patronize them anymore.

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Sexy stuff