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age 18+

Just awful

This was the most unsettling movie I have watched in a long time. They should have never killed the little boy. All around a waste of my time and just downright depressing.
age 17+

Don't waste your time

age 18+

Absolutely Terrible.

This movie was completely not wha any of you think. No horror, no cliff hangers. No scary parts or endings. Movie was absolutely terrible. Wasted 3 hours of my life watching this
age 16+

I Wasted $8.00

This movie didn't even deserve one star. It was set in one location, it was weird, the people had some kind of disease that was never disclosed as to what is was or it's etiology. They killed the sick old man at the beginning and I never really saw what came at night. It is a psychological thriller so I guess this movie was dealing with the actors' psyche, but it just wasn't for me. The ending? Hmmmm. Don't waste your time. All of us in the theater including those I didn't know was like, "what did I just watch?"
age 15+

Haunting look into the dark side of humanity

It comes at night is an extremely dark film that isn't for everyone. Instead of this film revolving around a creature or demonic possession, it focuses on giving the viewers a look into the side of humanity that comes out when desperation of hopelessness sets in. The movie is extremely well put together and the acting is fabulous from every single sat member. The film is very much worth the price of admission and I encourage everyone 15 and older to go enjoy this movie, if this kind of movie is your thing.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much swearing
age 14+

Emotional and intense apocalypse story. Not a horror movie. Not for everyone

An effective minimalist domestic drama about the impact of fear on a family. Well done writing and directing with just the right amount of pathos and dread. There really is no "It" unless you count fear and the night aspect is more basicnthan one would expect. Altho the red door was still used to very good dramatic effect. There is one blatant jump scare and one sound scare. Good pace and use of sparse light and shadows. A coiple of subplots comes up midway that are kind of interesting but are dropped immediately altho it doesn't hurt the film significantly, it still wouldve added to it. I saw the ending a mile away, but its construction was taut enough to still make ones heart churn. We see disease victims with boils and vomoting ooze on several occasions (some are imaginary). One is euthanized off screen. A bloody sick dog is seen for a few seconds. One man is beaten then shot and he has blood on his face and clothes. A man is beaten and his face is bloodied. In a very emotional scene several people are shot, though with little detail. 18 f words. Some non graphic sexuality with a couple spooning in bed, kissing in bathtub.