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age 14+

A Solid Apocalypse Film

It’s really good, but I can’t say much because I don’t want to spoil anything. The joy of this film is the unseen, so I want you to go in blind. It’s very emotionally taxing towards the end, and can be pretty scary, but I think your child should be ok with this one if they know not to repeat swear words.
age 16+

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much sex
Too much swearing
age 16+

well directed movie that should be seen by all horror fans

Now the deal with this movie is that it is a “technically” perfect film in its visuals, direction, cinematography and production but the screenplay is a little bit bare bones. now this movie explores some dark themes and there is controversy over the ending. i think the ending is an interesting way to end it. Definitely a flawed movie but it is hated for the wrong reasons in my opinion.
age 17+


Despite the movie itself being fantastic, the tone is not appropriate for young audiences who may or may not be curious about the movie. The end gets very depressing and sad. If you are expecting an all out horror movie, you will be disappointed.
age 15+

Disturbing film is more of a drama than a horror film.

Overall this movie wasn't that good. It didn't have that much suspense, plot, or good acting. Although the film was psychological, it didn't have enough to make it a horror film. The film does contain some coarse language including uses of f**k, s**t, plus more. The film also contains an implied sex scene where sex noises are heard. However the film does have a good amount of violence. Although the violence isn't too graphic, some of it can be quite disturbing. This involves characters having gross deadly diseases, plus some bloody shootouts. Overall this film isn't that great but is okay for teens 15 and up.

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much swearing
age 10+


The movie was boring and not scary at all. And I kept yelling at all the characters for making the worst decisions
age 16+

Another boring horror movie

I don't know y people say they like this this was god awful it had not story no plot and u didn't even get to see what it was or anything so I don't know but don't go see it it's terrible
age 8+

Chills, Mystery, & Thrilling.

I Thought it was great. “Can’t trust anybody but family”, the greatest thing to fear in these woods isn’t the disease, or the people hoping to take their food away. The monster resides within himself.