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Few laughs in crude, kid-targeted Sandler comedy.
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Parent of a 9, 10, 14, and 14 year old Written bynew guy02 November 15, 2011


i have not got around to seeing this movie yet but i have read the reviews and alot of parents i notice are complaning about mr sandler playing both jack and jill well 2 things 1. if they would have payed more atention to the trailer in the first place they would have known this alredy and not be so shocked by it 2.this movie is rated pg not g that means parental guidence is sudgested so if you have a problem with the whole issue dont go to see this movie and wait for another family comedy to come along for the holidays and for other parents who have not seen this movie alredy as i said before it is rated PG.
Parent Written byMother Joanna November 13, 2011

Jack and Jill

I cant comprehend why this didnt get rated R!!!! Taking my 9 year old as common sense suggested to seeing a sexual filled flick with a man pretending to be a woman in a dress is nasty and sick. What is wrong with this world.

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Sexy stuff
Adult Written byhomealonefan123 June 5, 2014

Awful Adam Sandler movie is not funny, nor entertaining!

Wow, this is one Adam Sandler movie that is not worth watching at all! If you love very unfunny toilet humor and other very unfunny jokes, then this movie is for you! This movie is very painful to watch, i can't even recommend this movie to my worst enemies! It is easily Sandler's worst film! Out of the entire 91 minutes of this movie, i only laughed once! So save your hard earned cash, don't see or buy this movie!
Parent Written byLadyTiggon March 11, 2012

Not a great movie, but was ok for kids

My kids loved it but I found the movie over all to be just okay.

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Parent of a 11 year old Written byejkdmom November 11, 2011

A PG version of Adam Sandler

This was a cute movie. As long as you go into the movie expecting an Adam Sandler comedy, it is very appropriate for kids. Some fart jokes, bodily fluid jokes, and a bit of sexual innuendo that went right over my 11 year old son and his 10 year old friend. Funny and cute. Much more enjoyable then Gullivers Travels.
Adult Written byMichael Loughrie March 22, 2016

Watched it four years ago, so I didn't know how to judge movies, therefor, I enjoyed it

I know that if I watched this today, it would be much more worst. But when I was still in high school, I had no idea to judge movies, therefor I enjoyed it! Don't hate if you can't mate!
Educator and Parent Written bydianeb November 12, 2011

Jack and Jill

It was very funny and had a good message. Some slight sexual innuendos but not too bad.

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Positive messages
Adult Written byDouble Laughs! June 29, 2012

Double Laughs!

Not for kids, it's Adam Sandler! He's irreverent and sarcastic but hysterical.....story line is funny, did a great job playing sure many twins saw it and probably's an adult comedy, it's Adam Sandler, not Shakespeare, it is not going to get an academy award, it's full of bathroom humor, poking fun at everyone but not mean spirited or hateful....I think he did an excellent job portraying twins, and shows he can stretch, would like to see him in more roles like the one he played in Reign Over Me.....he is capable of very good acting even with all his toilet training! It's Adam Sandler, it's hysterical, but the kids don't need to see it! Al Pacino and Katie Holmes are great!

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Violence & scariness
Drinking, drugs & smoking
Parent of a 7 and 10 year old Written byThe Tim K December 7, 2011

Awful movie and I'm mad I paid any money to see it

Insultingly obscene product placement, which is beyond distracting. Where's the mute button? Not in the theater. Wait until you can get this for your $8/month rental fee to NetFlix.

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Adult Written byclarence August 5, 2015
Adult Written bymichaeli March 5, 2012

A title is ok

A bad one. I watch it for 5 minutes then I look on internet if there is some worse movie than that one. It offers you "no thinking" scenes, not even enought time to get the point from one cut sequence to another. It is just a bunch of rubbish and it makes a pain in the head. I really dont understand the people who put five stars.
Adult Written byPaula L. November 26, 2016

Pretty Darn Funny

You know what? Adam has movies that are clearly not for Children or Adults. But this was really funny, The bird, nice touch. AL Pacino was his Amazing Self. "DUNKACINO"--Priceless!! My three year old Granddaughter Love that bird and She walks around screaming, "Where were you!" The child taping things to himself, the daughter dressing up in the different costumes, all of these thing were great touches to the movie. There were certain words used in the name calling, however; this was a Hilarious movie of which, I don't remember hearing any cuss words in. And the smallest of children hear much worse everyday on regular TV stations. No REAL sexual content compared to today's regular stations and it was REALLY FUNNY. Adam Sandler outdid himself on this one because in the end, it brought you back to what's really important. Family and Love!!!
Parent of a 11 and 14 year old Written bysteveEng February 21, 2015

Great comedy

As usual with Adam Sandler great comedy movie. This has sexual jokes but not too bad for teenagers. Good family comedy film
Adult Written byage 10+ April 1, 2012

Not As Good As Other Sandler Movies, But Still Pretty Funny!

Parent Written byRobbyWBoy16 January 2, 2012

Jack and Jill 2011

adam sandler kid comedy lays low and misses the target with lots of old jokes.

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Positive messages
Parent Written by1111051 November 14, 2011

Not for Kids!!

This movie should be rated as "R" instead of "PG". It would have been nice and funny if sexual behavior and language was not used. It was not necessary for kids to see when a movie actor touches his crotches, and a sister touching a brother in a romantic way etc... we couldn't even finish the movie. we left and got in to another kids movie. "family of three with a bunch of kids".

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Sexy stuff