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Love, love, love!

I have loved this movie since I was 6, and I still get insanely happy whenever I hear that first opening song and see the cute little forest animals making a snowman. It's such a sweet movie, and the plotline is so intriguing. The music is SO FUN, and if you watch it on a Friday, you'll probably be humming "Just What I always Wanted" all weekend. Just saying. My only problem is the ending. Jack should have ended up with the woman he loved, not back up in the clouds. :( Well anyways, this is an amazing movie that kids as young as 5, up to adults, will love. (Also, I absolutely love the stop-motion animation. It adds a certain charm to it that no other style can!) I will say that some kids might find the villain a little scary, and there is one scene when Jack and Snip are locked in a dungeon that may upset sensitive kids, but there is nothing too intense in this movie. It's just what I always wanted! (again, that's one of the songs, LOL)

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age 3+

Fine winter special for little kids. This can be enjoyed by the whole family.

This is an old-timey stop-motion animation movie about Jack Frost wanting to become human. It takes place over winter, and is narrated by the groundhog who wakes up on Groundhog's Day. I don't really understand why Jack Frost, instead of being able to control the weather, wants to be just a human. Anyway, there is a villain, a corrupt king, who gets unseated from his throne by the end of the movie. He gets knocked unconscious at one point, and the characters mention it, but it isn't that bad. The plot is a bit complicated, but I like how the ending wasn't as predictable as I thought it would be. I think it is great for small children on Christmas or a snow day.

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age 4+

It's just what I always wanted, it's perfectly right, it's just what I always wanted, a Christmas delight! :D lol

(You're probably wondering about the title of my review... it's from one of the musical numbers in the movie, hahahaha.) I loved this movie as a young child, and I still love it now. The only thing that was disappointing was the ending. I always felt really bad for Jack. Anyway, the music in this movie was awesome, and it's one of those movies I just HAVE to watch during December or it just doesn't feel like Christmas. lol
age 5+
This is one of the lesser-known Christmas specials by the Rankin-Bass company, obviously because it really doesn't center around Christmas-- like Rudolph's Shiny New Year, it takes place around a later holiday, in this case Groundhog's Day. It deals with romance, but there's nothing to worry about as it's a very clean movie. I loved this movie, and the only annoyance I could find was the singing groundhog who narrates the story. I think they could've done without him, I really do.