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Jet Li's Fearless

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Top notch martial arts movie

Obviously this movie isn't geared towards younger kids, but older kids will be fine with it. There's some sad and bloody deaths in the film so if showing with sensitive or younger kids, you may want to preview it first so you know when to fast-forward. It's very violent (what martial arts film isn't?) but also tries to have a good message. at least from the perspective of the main character and his fans. Definitely portrays the US and UK etc. as "the bad guys" so maybe have a discussion afterwards about how this shows history "from a certain point of view" etc. We enjoyed it were, as always, amazed by Jet Li's speed and skills. There are several scenes in which people toast one another with wine and blood is shown several times.

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Too much violence
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking
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Huo Yuanjia

This is not the typical fighting movie. It is also definitely not for an immature audience. ****This movie takes multiple viewings to truly appreciate. Huo Yuanjia, Jet Li, starts the movie off by defeating 3 people in a row and before the 4th fight he has a flashback. During this flashback you see him as a child, where he watches his dad get defeated, his dad would not land the final blow. After this he fights his dads opponents' son... and loses. Huo then vows to never be defeated again. The movie goes on to show how his "adulthood" played out. Needless to say, he was not the best role model and takes the life of another in a fight. After he learns it was all for not, he leaves and travels until a small tribe takes him in. While with these people he learns what he has done wrong and truly takes it to heart. *speed up about 20 minutes* and we are back to the final fight: Huo and Tanaka. [you will know the reason if you watch the movie]. Tanaka knows that the Japanese business man played dirty and declares Huo the winner, Huo used a similar punch from earlier that killed someone-- but did not follow through with it. Tanaka declares Huo the winner and Huo shortly dies afterwards. The end scene of the movie is the best in my opinion, the ghost of Huo is training and Moon can feel his presence. Anyone who would say only Jet Li fans and martial art fans would like this, did not understand the movie fully. Overall: A+ Definitely not for kids or most teens(they will not understand the reasons in the movie).

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Great messages
Great role models
Too much violence
Too much drinking/drugs/smoking