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The end is cheesy though.

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Great messages
Too much sex
Too much consumerism
age 3+

Well I think it was pretty poor compared to the series.

First it was updated to the 80's/90's, they should of left it in the 60's as it was. The music was god awful as were the modern messages regarding fatherhood and do-gooding. The original series was masterfully funny and well done. Had this film been made in the same manner of the 60's series it would of been a hit. The fact that someone from (un)-commonsensemedia wrote a "Warning" regarding the depiction of a NORMAL family is unreal to me. This just cry's agenda! The Jetsons was produced in a better time in what seems a better place. The Frankfurt school indoctrinan-ees have witlessly followed a prescribed ideal and this is the result.
age 4+

good news and possible another movie

I think that the Jetson movie is a good movie with good role models. BUT we need an updated version where Elroy meets a girl and Judy meets a boy and gets maried and have children. After all the characters are 50 years old!

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Great role models
age 4+
I have been watching this movie for years now! Now i four kid and all my kids stop what they are doing to watch the jetson.. They just love it!!!! As i did when i was younger.

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Great messages